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January 9th

Happy new year for all my friends all over the world. Wish you the very best for 2012...

  • 2012 started very well, with Emotion winning the CAC CACIB BOB and Group 3rd at Paris dog Show yesterday. She finishes her international champion title in short time. Congratulations to coowner/handler Michèle Bouquet-Guillotin.
  • Her sister Ch. Elisa, added the danish champion title to her own record last november in Copenhagen. Congrats Sofia !
  • PUPPIES : On november 16th, Emotion and Elisa's sister Elle had 3 puppies out of Theo... They are all doing very well. None available.

September 11th

Sorry for that long silent period. Time has run with too many activities without spending time to update that website. During that time, our dogs have been shown only a few times... and nothing happened in the whelping box :

  • Last week, in Leeuwarden, Miss Capucine gained her second EUROPEAN title in two years, getting the CAC CACIB from R. Reyniers (B)... while her litter brother Ch. C'est Moi took the reserve with the Vice european title, under A. Landarte (Ur.).

Capucine in Leeuwarden, pictured by A.M. Class

and her brother C'est Moi (photo C. Bakos)

Two days before, the dutch kennel club organized a second show, where both littermates won CACs (under C. Molinari from Portugal). Capucine won the BOB and ended 2nd in the group finals. With these two big victories, Capucine becomes also DUTCH champion.

  • The same day in Italy, the young Femme Fatale won the CAC, BOB (over champion class) and GROUP 1st in Savona.
  • Earlier in April, that young girl had already hit the show scene, by winning the BOB and Group 1st at the int'l show in Martigues, from the junior class (under J. Brixhe from Belgium). Pictured below
  • Early august, just turning 2 years old, Elisa became a swedish champion, collecting her 3 CACs in a few shows...
  • In August we went to Donaueschingen, where bothCh. Capucine and her young half brother Eminence won the CACs...

Pictured Capucine

And moving Eminence pictured in the Donaueschingen newspaper the day after the show :

  • Another highlight of these last months was the specialty in Tours, under G. Bredaut : Ch. Capucine took the BOB (we couldnt stay for the group)and the young Miarmana Kind of Menuel Galopin took the junior BOB. At that show Emotion collected the specialty CAC (useful for the french title) and another CACIB.

Pictured Farrah, Emotion and the young Fascinant

A few months ago, Theo came back to me. He was 5 years old. Early November, his owner abandoned him from his new brand Porsche in a rescue pension. Theo ended in the last lane of that pension without explanation. During one month, he stayed outside under the rain and the snow and stopped eating. After one month, the pension keeper discovered that the dog had papers and a breeder. He contacted me and I immediately picked him. He had probably lost 10 kilos and was in the worse condition. My vet was not sure he would survive as he still refused all kind of food. During 6 weeks, I did force-feeding him and he recovered slowly his weight and started to eat by himself. In 5 years, Theo had no contact with other dogs: he had also to learn socialization. After a few months his condition became better, and i decided to show him. Without any show experience and training, he took 2 CACIBs and 1 RCACIB... shown only 3 times !!! He is one of the very best that i have ever bred and had. Unfortunetely, he got a bad allergy to some new dog food and lost all his coat in may/june. His condition is coming back slowly and I hope to be able to finish his champion title next year. Here is Theo last February

On this photo, at his first show in Angers 03/11...

  • Not shown this year, but here is a photo of my beautiful Elle (by K. Nevrev)
  • and two beautiful portraits of her big winning sisters


and Alice

March 29th

Amazing week end for the young E Menuel Galopin generation :

  • Eminence won his first CAC (and RCACIB over champions) in Luxemburg
  • Eija won her first CAC (over champions) in Spain
  • Eliance won her first CAC CACIB and BOB (over champions) in France

Also big succes for Fanfan, with her 3 class won at the Northern afghan specialty (GB). T...he "baby" was kept in the last 5 for the CC !

January 17th

That's a very nice start for a new doggy year :

  • last week, at the Paris dog show, Emotion collected her second CACIB and 3rd CAC in 3 shows in intermediaire class... before 18 months old (judge J.L. Brassat Lapeyrierre)
  • the same days, in England Fanfan became Best Puppy in Show at the Yorshire Afghan Hound Society, a couple of days after arriving in England.
  • Yesterday, at Bordeaux International, Miss Ch. Capucine won the Group 1st and BIS 3 (3305 dogs), under L. Mach (breed), M.M. Lombard (group) and P. Muntean (BIS). Her (almost) young sister Miarmana Kind of Menuel Galopin was junior BOB and won the junior group X (judge R. Kadike Sakdina). My young Elle got the RCAC.
  • Same day, Fanfan got her second BPIS, in two week following week ends out !

All photos Rita Kadike-Skadina

December 20th

Ch. Capucine won the Belgium winner show for the second year in a row on saturday 18th. With that CAC CACIB, she became also Belgium champion. THe judge was Audrie Vanstellant.

One week before, in Nantes, the young Emotion won the CAC CACIB BOS over champions, from the intermediaire class under S. Oates (Irl)

December 6th

No shows for us in the last 2 months... But yesterday, the young Emotion made her first show with the adults and won the CAC from the intermediaire class in Rouen (judge M. Hermel)

Pictured with coowner/handler Michèle Bouquet Guillotin

October 11th

Two weeks after her english triumph, Ch. Capucine became EUROPEAN champion 2010 in Celje, Slovenia, winning the CAC and the CACIB under Lisbeth Mach (Ch).

At that show, Ch. Thor was veteran BOB, and ended the day as BIS all breeds veteran.

Capucine, new european champion 2010

Winning the CACIB, pictured with the RCACIB Ch. Oudry Gandamak

BOB Line up. All photos N. Nevrev

September 18th

SHE DID IT !!! Ch. Capucine is a new ENGLISH CHAMPION. She won her 3rd CC under Angela Brown at Richmond last week.

After Crufts (where she got the RCC) we decided to try the BIG title. Exactly 6 months after, in 5 shows, she collected her 3 CCs under 3 english breeder judges. She becomes the first afghan bitch, continental owned and bred, to become UK champion. She carries the 6th generation of champion bitches "made in Menuel Galopin". Very proud of that...

September 6th

Many congratulations to the "young class". In luxemburg, yesterday, both Eminence and Emotion took the junior luxembourg champion titles under P. Motershaw.

You can find new pages for the Ch. Ulrick x Ch. Alycya puppies, 6 months old now...

September 5th

Back from a wonderful trip to England, where Miss Ch. Capucine collected her second CC, under Jill Knight. 150 afghans were entered. THanks for THE Capuc' fan club big support... And yes, we'll go to bed this evening, dreaming about the 3rd one ! Carré d'As won his PGD class (15 entered) too. Congratulations for the Ch. Voltaire son Miarmana Masquerade for his MPD class win (5 puppies) and for the Ch. Turenne son Gezancol Enrique, for his LD class win (15 entered).

Better late than ever, here is a short report of our very succesful july in the rings :

  • At the afghan specialty in Dieppe, C'est Moi became a new french champion, by winning the specialty CAC under B. Piau. He also went BOS to his sister Ch. Capucine who won BOB. That was also Miarmana Kind Of Menuel Galopin first show in hte puppy class. She won VP. Farrah is owned by Yvon Hubert and Martial Robin and she is out of Ch. Voltaire x Miarmana Instinction with Zareesh.
  • At the french championship show in Paris, Ch. Capucine won the CACIB for the second year in a row. Ch. Ingenue O Menuel Galopin had not been shown for 9 months and made a remarkable comeback, winning the RCAC over 18 very competitive males. His two daughters (out of Ch. Variance), Emotion and Eliance ended 1st and 2nd in the junior class, for their first show. The judge was B. Barjot.
  • At the Skokloster summer show, Elisa went Junior BOB and BIS 4 under judge J. Hickie (Gengala).
  • Congratulations to Ch. Thor that finished recently his croatian and french title... All owner-handled !
  • Here are some photos of Donaueschingen 2010.
  • Here is a new photo of Eija, another sister to Emotion, Eliance, Elisa and Elle.

July 12th

Times flies... That has been too long without any new updates. Due to a busy program, we have not been showing a lot during the last two months :

  • On may 9th, Ch. Capucine was awarded the Europasieger title 2010 in Dortmund under R. Hall (GB). She was in open class, so also go the CAC.
  • June 12/13, at the double Klagenfurt CACIB shows, Ch. Clovis won both days the CAC CACIB and BOB (judges M. Zlojustro (cro) and P. Mazura (Aut)).
  • At the world show in Herning, C'est moi was 2nd in the very competitive open class under L. Jorgensen (Dk)
  • At the french championship show yesterday (judge B.Barjot), Ch. Capucine won the CACIB. Thats her second CACIB in a row at the french championship. After a 10 months old break, Ch. Ingenue O Menuel Galopin came back in the rings and got the RCAC (18 males in his class). His daugther Eliance and Emotion went 1st and 2nd in junior class for their first show.

Here are some new photos of Ch. Capucine,

C'est Moi,




May 1st

Here are Mr A. Wight's words, published in the english dog papers, after giving Capucine the Hound group 1st at Welks last week :

"Group 1st was the black Afghan bitch Fr/Lux/Int Ch Capucine du Menuel Galopin, this lovely bitch drifted into the ring with such style poise and elegance covering the ground with a real spring in her step, head held arrogantly high and her hocks powering her around,lovely head punishing foreface, reachy neck, good wither definition, lovely bend of stifle, tail carried perfectly, in good coat, she was hard to ignore and for me had the 'it' factor."

April 26th

Back from Welks ch. show in England...

For our third show this year, "Amazing Miss Ch. Capucine" won the CC and BOB (148 afghans) and went on winning the HOUND GROUP 1st (1300 dogs). Thanks for all the ringside warm support. Pictured winning CC BOB with judge Avril Lacey and the dog CC (Owen and Rashid). Photo Jan Fielder.

Her brother, Ace, won also his class (entry 14). Here is a lovely head shot of Ace and Capucine

March 30th

Yesterday, at the Angers int'l show, Ch. Capucine picked her trophy "challenge des Pays de Loire" as top winning sighthound 2009.

The day before, Ch. Voltaire won the RCAC RCACIB (over 33 males) In Luxemburg under L. Heinesche (Lux). Ch. Charlotte ended 3rd in champion class. The young Eminence was awarded BOB puppy and was selected in the last 6 in the BIS ring. Well done to owner handler Isa Rudant !

Ch. Charlotte


Congratulations to a new champion Polo son : Sheralji Van Halen became Norvegian Ch. in Harstad International show 23.3. 10, with CC and Cacib. Judge was Margaret Davis, Australia.

March 15th

Back from the prestigious Crufts show with Ch. Capucine. For her very first show in England, and at the tender age of 2.5 yo, she was awarded the RCC over 150 bitches. The judge was Brenda Thornton (Karnak afghans).

Her litter brother Ace won the post graduade class (entry of 15) under Sylvia Evans.

All photos by the talented David Patton

March 7th

Let me introduce the new Menuel Galopin litter. Ch. Alycya is the proud mum of 10 puppies (all black masked golden) out of the gorgeous Ch. Ulrick. This litter is co bred and raised by Alycya owners, Dominique Guzek and Sabrina Ferrando (Sweet Fantasy).

Both parents and all 4 grandparents are bred by me, which makes this combination, a very "Menuel Galopin" stamped litter. This close pedigree is very similar to my last litter (Jarmo x Variance) as Ulrick is a Polo son (like Jarmo) and Alycya is a Primadona daughter (like Variance).

3 weeks ago, Miss Ch. Capucine made her first 2010 show in Niort (judge M. Voilet) and won another CACIB BOB and group 2nd.

Many congratulations for the DEL GHYRYO team in Belgium. In two weeks, they finished the belgium titles to the Polo son Emir Del Ghyryo and the Tancrede daughter Farah Del Ghyryo. Very well done !

January 12th

First of all, I want to wish all my friends, all over the world, a happy, healthy and succesful year 2010.

2009 was another great year for the Menuel Galopin team.

In France, Le Menuel Galopin is, far ahead, number one afghan kennel for the 15th year in the last 16 years. My young Ch. Capucine is number one afghan bitch shown in a very limited basis. She won the BOB at the french championship show last june and won 4 Groups 1st, while shown only 5 times in champion class. Here is her latest (unretouched !) photo, last week...

2 years after my last litter, my Ch. Variance x Ch. Jarmo litter is 5 months old now, and show great promises. Here are the individual pages for each puppy :

2009 has been an exceptional year for my stud dogs offsprings, all over Europe :

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