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December 23rd

I want wish all my friends over the world a Merry Christmas and nice holidays.

December 21st

Last sunday in Alencon Jacques Le Magnan judged the afghans (I think his first afghan assignment). He gave the CACIB and BOB to Ch. Une and the CACIB BOS to Ch. Soliano. Well done Michelle, proud owner-handler !

December 17th

Just back from the prestigious Stockholm nordic winner show 2007 (10500 dogs entered). Ch. Parce Que was 2nd best male, from the veteran class, beating the 14 champion class males. The judge was Renee Spore-Wiles. Later, he got the veteran BOB and was awarded on sunday the veteran All breed BIS award (judge Hans Lehtinen)!!!

  • Polo is very proud of his young daugthers : Ch. Xciting Feel Free to Stare who was BOS (with the CACIB) over a beautiful bitches competition and her litter sister (open class winner) Xciting Stare N'Whisper.
  • Ch. Tancrède daughter Mandinah hopeless whisper won the junior BOB Nordic award 07

See some pictures (by Lennart) here...

The same day, another very "famous" veteran, Ch. Olaf was awarded the veteran BIS 3rd in Vilnius.

December 5th

See the nice photo of Ch. Thor (pic by Marc Goetstouwers) at the eurosightound show in Courtrai (B) two weeks ago :

December 2nd

Second week end out... and second wins with the team Ch. Trouble / Martina (Nightwind) : in Wells (Austria), Ch. Trouble won the CAC both days, with the RCACIB on saturday (judge N. Ahrend) and the CACIB on sunday (judge M. Blaha).

November 25th

Alycya won another CAC in Martigues yesterday under J.L. Grunheid.

Pictured below is Ch. Parce Que winning the finish title (with BOB and Group 2nd) last week...

November 20th

See the new pictures of Ch. Adele

November 18th

Ch. Parce Que did it again ! Second show under Eija expert hands... and second champion title. He won the CAC and BOB (from the veteran class, over 38 afghans) and Group 2nd at Jyväskylä (SF) and collected his finish champion title. With that new championship, he becomes also new NORDIC champion. Congratulations Eija !

November 17th

Well done kids at the two big afghan even this week end :

  • North in Courtrai (B), Ch. Thor won the very competitive CAC at the Euro sighthound show under A. Sacco. Both Ch. Soliano and Ch. Une was placed 3rd in the champion classes.
  • South in Genova (I), Alycya was awarded the CAC CACIB at the prestigious mediterranean alliance. At that special show, she won an italian CAC (specialty), a french CAC and a Monegasque CAC ! There was 14 bitches in open class ! The judge was R. Kadike Skadina (LV).

All of them being owner-handled...

November 12th

Goodbye Ch. Julia... 3 months before her 14th birthday, she leaved us. That was one month after her litter brother Ch. Jean Sans Peur. These two have been very important "persons" to us.

Almost 10 years old, Ch. Olaf won the baltic winner veteran of the year 2007. That was in Riga yesterday. No words to congratulate you Galina !

November 11th

In Saint Etienne, the matured Ch. Romance (7 years old) took another CACIB BOS under V. Besson. Her friend Ugo won the open class and was awarded the CAC.

November 10th

Ch. Tara is the proud mother of 3 boys since a few days. The sire of that litter is Thor... Congratulations for Erik and Marie (coowners of Tara) for their devotion and care for the puppies !

October 31th

Thanks to the owners of Ch. Une, Ch. Soliano, Ch. Sebastien, Ch. Unabella, Ch. Voltaire, Ch. Vandale, Ch. Turenne, Ch. Romance and Ugo, who entered their dogs at our big double international show in Nantes last week end. It was very nice to see all these champions, owner-handled, competing all together.

On saturday, under M.T. Durando, Ch. Turenne won the CACIB and BOB, while Ch. Une was awarded the CACIB and BOS. On sunday, under A. Campagne judgments, Ch. Sebastien won the BOB - CACIB. Ch. Une was BOS and CACIB winner for the second time in the week end.

Congratulations to Martina (Nightwind) who showed Ch. Trouble for the first time in Germany... and took on him the CAC CACIB and BOS under L. Jorgensen judgments at Hannover. She also got the RCAC and RCACIB on Ch. Adele... both of them from the open class, over champion classes. See the picture (by B. Fabig):

October 21th

A new crown on Ch. Parce Que's head : he became norvegian champion yesterday, winning the CAC and Best male 2 from the veteran class. He was Vet BOB and BIS 3rd as well ! Eija Pahtakari was handling him...

October 20th

Alycya won the CAC and RCACIB in Perpignan under J.L. Grunheid today.

October 15th

Back from a very long show week end :

  • On saturday, we went to the danish sighthound specialty in Aars. Ch. Trouble became a new danish champion at that show, winning the CAC, BOB and SPECIALTY BIS !!! The judge was Outi Piisi-Putta from Finland. Adele was winning the CAC and BOS as well ! Both wins from the open class over champions.
  • We drove all the way back to Germany and showed Ch. Trouble at the Bundersieger show in Dortmund under U. Lennartz (D). He was awarded the CAC and RCACIB. The Polo son, Emir Del Ghyryo got the RCAC that day.

After his very successfull finnish holidays with Eija, Ch. Trouble will be staying with Martina (Nightwind) for a while.

In Sweden, Polo's daughter Xciting Feel Free To Stare became a swedish champion. Congratulations to Julia and her owner Marie Elofsson !

October 8th

Yesterday, Alycya has been awarded the specialty CAC (important point for the french title) and the BOS, in Avignon under M. Lombard.

September 30th

Congratulations Hadley !!! My 5 weeks old puppies are very proud to announce that their father Miarmana Motivator became an english champion yesterday, by winning his last CC in Belfast under Lynn Hewson. At that show, the bitch CC and BOB was awarded to Hadley litter sister Ch. Miarmana Mandolin of Ashahni.

September 24th

Big success for our dogs yesterday !

  • In Tours (judge M. Belletout-Cibot), there was 3 Menuel Galopin entered... Ch. Soliano won the CACIB BOB and Group 1st (group judge J.L. Grunheid), Ch. Une was awarded the BOS with the CACIB. Ch. Voltaire won the open class, with the CAC and the RCACIB.
  • In Oostende (B), one Menuel Galopin entered... and he won the CAC CACIB BOB. That was Ch. Thor, won finished his belgium champion title that day (judge L. Zsolt). There was 35 afghans entered, included 15 champions !

Pictured Thor, winning in Oostende...

Congratulations to the owners of all these dogs, for their wonderful job !

September 18th

For his second show ever, Urus won the CAC CACIB and BOS in Compiegne under H. Huygues Despointes last sunday.

September 16th

Martina spent a few days in Croatia at her friend Iva and attended two shows in Bosnia with Adele and Ch. Tancrede. Both of them won both days (under M. Mazalika on saturday and M. Vretenicic on sunday) and became Bosnian champions !

September 9th

Ch. Soliano won the CACIB and BOB at the int'l show in Pontoise today, under A. Campagne

August 26th


Two years after my last litter, I am proud to announce that Ch. Variance is the mother of 9 new Menuel Galopin babies since a few days. The sire is the english dog Miarmana Motivator, Crufts CC winner 2007 (and BOS to his litter sister Ch. Miarmana Mandolin of Ashahni, the Crufts BOB winner 2006 and 2007). Both mother and puppies are doing very well. There are 5 boys and 4 girls, all in black and tan - black and brindle shades...

You can see some pictures of Hadley and littermates here...

August 17th

At the sighthound specialty in Bratislava, Ch. Thor won the CAC and BOS under K. Edh (S) over an entry of 33. Thor was owner handled.

August 15th

See the new pictures of Ch. Trouble :

August 14th

Some late news : last month, Ch. Olaf won the BOB and Group 1st (from the veteran class !) At Tallinn 07 show under M. Heine. He was also placed 3rd for the BIS.

August 12th

See the new pictures of Ch. Tara :

August 11th

Some wonderfull HOT nordic news : Mr Ch. Trouble became a new Nordic champion today. He won the norvegian CAC (and best male number 2) in Oslo (Judge K. Nillson, DK) and ended his norvegian title as well. In less than 3 month in Eija loving and expert hands, he became a finnish, swedish, norvegian, Latvian, Estonian and Nordic champion. Thanks so much for these loving and expert hands...

After a break from the show rings, Adele won the RCAC (from intermediaire class) in Gelsenkirchen under Keith Thornton (GB).

August 5th

How to get rid from a worrying competitor (bitch)? 10 minutes before the bitch judgments (when the dogs are already been judged), you make a official complain that the bitch is in season and in the 5 following minutes the organisation will not allow that bitch to enter the ring. That was happening with Ch. Tara today in Donaueschingen (D). Yes, she is in early seasons. Despite to the FCI and VDH rules (that allows bitches in seasons to be shown), she was not allowed to be judged today. Congratulations to the winners.

August 4th

Back from a holiday break in Sweden...

  • Two weeks ago, there was 3 new champion titles for our dogs : Ch. Variance became a new swedish champion, winning the CAC CACIB BOS at Vasteras int'l under M. Hagstedt (S). Ch. Tancrede won the open class and ended best male 3rd. The same day, Eija took Ch. Trouble to Tallinn where he was awarded the CAC BOB and Group 1st under Fernando Rodrigues (P). He became estonian champion. At that show, Ch. Olaf was Veteran BIS one more time... The day after the winning team went to Riga in Latvia and our boy won the CAC BOB and RBIS at the sighthound national specialty under Birgit Piesik. He became Latvian champion that day !
  • One week after, Ch. Tara won both days the second place in open class, at Skokloster (over 24 bitches in that class) under R. Hall (GB) and Darko Preski (Cro). Both days, she was best bitch 4th.
  • Today, Ch. Tara was shown at the winner in Donaueschingen and won her first german CAC (first time ever shown in Germany) under W. Schwerme Hahne (D).

See some new pictures of Ch. Variance (by P. Bukowczan) in Sweden last week...

July 14th

Ch. Thor won the CACIB and BOB at the afghan specialty in Douai today under A. Cuny.

July 9th

July 8th was an exceptional day for us, in the show rings :

  • South in Spain, Voltaire became a new international champion, winning the CAC CACIB BOB and Group 2nd in Portugalete under N. Huidobro. He is the 62nd Menuel Galopin afghan to become a champion. Ch. Tara went BOS (with the CAC and CACIB) to Voltaire at that show.
  • 10 minutes after, the 63th menuel Galopin international champion finnished in France !!! Unabella got her new title under Mrs Estrina (Russia). After two years off from the rings, she won her two last CACIB in two week ends in a row. At that show, Ugo was awarded the CAC CACIB and BOB, Ch. Soliano, the champion class and the RCACIB. For the bitches, BOS and CACIB went to Ch. Romance. Well done all of you !!!
  • 20 minutes after, Voltaire father Ch. Trouble became a new swedish champion with the CAC and BOB in Pitea under A. Van Der Snee (NL). Congratulations Eija for another champion title on our boy ! (picture below)

See the new beautifull pictures of Ch. Voltaire, Ch. Vandale, Ch. Sebastien, Ch. Unabella and Ungaro... All pictures by Patryk Bukowczan.

july 3rd

On sunday 1st, the french afghan scene took the "Menuel Galopin" colors...

  • In La Rochelle, both Ch. Sebastien and Unabella came back from a 2 years break from the rings... They won the CACIB both of them and the girl went BOB over her father. The judge was Mrs Belletout. Una is one CACIB from her international title.
  • In Campbon, Ungaro was awarded the CAC BOB (under C. Leneuf) and Group 2nd (under C. Magre)
  • One week before, Ch. Olaf won the 3rd place at the veteran BIS in Parnu. He was also Best male 2.

june 25th

A new champion ! Vandale is the 61th Menuel Galopin afghan to become a champion. He finished his international champion title in Medina de Pomar (Sp) with the CAC CACIB win under David Allan (Sp).

See the holiday pictures of Ch. Vicomte on a greec beach !

june 16th

Some new paintings are online at the paintings section.

june 14th

See the first pictures of Ch. Trouble in Finland with Eija here.

june 11th

One more champion title for Ch. Trouble !!! For his first show in Finland with Eija Pahtakari, he won the CC, Best male 2... and became FINNISH CHAMPION that day under Karin Hedberg (S)!

3 of our afghans have been shown yesterday all over Europe... and they all won BOB !

  • Ch. Soliano won the Specialty BOB in Chartres (F) under G. Bredaut,
  • That was Ch. Sophie-Marie first show since her litter. She won the BOB (judge K. Opara) and Group 2nd (judge B. Polanczyk) in Lublin (PL),
  • In Vic (Spain), Alycya won the CAC and BOB under F. Madeira (P).

june 7th

Here are the pictures of Ulrick in Lyon :

Here are some wonderfull news from England : the beautifull UK CH Kharak lady muck at Gezancol (CH Gengala Fig Jam daughter) is in whelp from Ch. Turenne. Puppies are due for the end of june. More informations at gezancol@hotmail.com

june 4th

Yesterday was a very sunny day in Lyon ! One month after his father's group win at the french championship, Ulrick was awarded the CAC CACIB, BOB, Group 1st and RESERVE BIS in Lyon (one of the biggest french international show). Jarmo Vuorinen (from Finland) was the judge and he awarded the BOS with the CACIB to Ch. Variance and the CAC RCACIB (usable) for Alycya from the intermediaire class. G. Mensancal judged the BIS. Some photos will come soon...

Since the beginning of the year, we took part to 3 international french shows... which ended with 3 group wins (with BOB and BOS each time) with 3 different dogs !!! Congratulations to Ch. Thor in Niort (also winning the BIS), to Ch. Parce Que in Montlucon and to Ulrick in Lyon. Thanks to the owners of these dogs...

May 29th

It was a big succes indeed for Ch. Olaf in Riga Last week, all from the veteran class, over tough swedish and finnish competition...

  • first day, he was 2nd best male, best veteran, and Veteran Reserve BIS (jugdge Branislav Rajic),
  • Second day, he won best male, BOB and Group 2nd. He was awarded also the veteran BIS (judge Rita Reyniers)!!!

Another champion son for Ch. Parce Que : Ch. Popov's Thunder'n Lightning finnished his dutch title sunday in Arnhem. Congratulations Faye and Regina for all your succes (included Elfie becoming german champion this week end).

May 21th

Here are some pictures of Namur yesterday

Ch. Thor winning BOB and Sayadena Delight BOS

A very smiling (exhibitor, judge and dogs) picture for the group podium. Seems that everybody was happy !

May 20th

3 Menuel Galopin afghans shown today...

  • Ch. Thor won the CAC CACIB BOB and Group 3rd in Namur(B), over multi champion class competition, under B. Barjot,
  • Ulrick was awarded the CAC BOB and Group 2nd at the Roanne show, under C. Leneuf,
  • Alycya got the CAC (from the intermerdiaire class) and BOS (over 7 bitches, included a champion class) in Narbonne, under A. Alessandri (I).

These 3 afghans have been shown by their owners. well done!

May 19th

Congratulations to the swedish young Ch. Tancrede son, Mandinah Horizon, for his puppy BIS win. More pictures on that page (photos Bolin):

Congratulations to the Polo daughter, Esme Del Ghyryo, for another CAC CACIB BOB yesterday in Perigueux, under H. Huygues Despointes.

May 17th

Many new pictures today...

Voltaire with his owner Yvon (pictures Janine Bernus),

Ch. Vicomte shown in Greece last week end (Pictures Valia),

and the Polo daughter Esme Del Ghyryo (pictures Silke Hopf). You can also find some pictures of the finnish Neliapilan litter born out of Polo.

May 16th

One more champion title to Ch. Vicomte. He won the CAC CACIB BOB and Group 3rd at Athen int'l dog show, and became greec champion (judge Luis Catalan -P-). He gained his 3 tickets shown 3 times, winning the 3 Athen int'l points, with the CACIB and BOB each times !

May 14th

Back from St Gallen in Switzerland (for a dog show, not for "money business" !!!) Miss Ch. Variance was the queen of that swiss week end with both CAC CACIB wins. In one year, she was shown 4 times in Switzerland... resulting in 4 CAC CACIB wins!!! Her litter brother Voltaire made his very first step abroad : he also got his first foreign CACIB win on sunday out of an entry of 40 afghans. The judge for saturday was Mrs Klepp (N) and the judge for sunday was Paula Heikkien-Lehkonen (SF).

Congratulations for the beautifull Ch. Neliapilan Kuutamokeikka for winning the BOB and the very competitive group 1st on sunday ! Pictures will come soon...

In France was the CACIB show in St Brieuc : Andre Cuny judged and gave the CACIB BOB and Group 2nd to Ch. Soliano . The bitch CACIB and BOS was awarded to Ch. Une.

May 10th

Here she is... Remember Satine, the foal : she is one year old now and has turned out into a very promising youngster...

May 7th

Congratulations for Vandale for winning his 5th CAC CACIB BOB at San Sebastian (E) yesterday under C. Stefanescu (Rom).

Also congratulations for the Ch. Polo daughter Esme del Ghyryo for winning the Europasieger title in Dortmund this week end under A. Van Den Broek (NL). Her litter brother Ermes del Ghyryo won the CAC and the RCACIB at that show as well... What a succes !

May 6th

The Menuel Galopin team had fantastic results at the french championship show in Montluçon yesterday under irish judge Mickael Forte...

That was Ch. Parce Que first show since the world show in Poznan, six months ago. That was also his first french show in two years !!! At almost 8 yo, he won the CACIB BOB and the GROUP FIRST over some top european sighthound competition under Lisbeth Mach judgments.

8 Menuel Galopin afghans shown and they won :

You can see a picture report of that show here.

May 2nd

on April 28th, Ch. Tancrede won the CAC-CACIB and BOB at the int'l show Oldenburg under Martha Heine (D)

On April 29th, Vandale was awarded the CAC and CACIB at Viana Do Castelo (P)under Sonia Faletti (I). He is CACIB winner in 3 different countries now and is in the waiting time to finish his international title. See the new pictures of Vandale...

A little late... One week ago, Ch. olaf won the BOB from the veteran class at the latvian national specialty from the veteran class (judge M. Ostrovska, Russia). Later on, he was awarded the veteran BIS win !

April 15th

Ch. Soliano won the CACIB and BOB at the int'l show in Limoges today. Ugo was awarded the CAC and the RCACIB.

See the new pictures of Ch. Tancrede in Martina's garden yesterday...

April 10th

One week after her RCAC at the FALAPA show (35 bitches entered), the young Alycya won her first CAC at Avignon yesterday under C. Leneuf.

April 8th

Ch. Tancrede won his second german CAC (and best male)... in two following shows in Germany with Martina ! That was yesterday in Mertingen under M. Heine... With that win, he stands 2nd in the german afghan males ranking for 2007 !

Kids of my boys have done very well in the show ring...

  • Ermes Del Ghyryo (Ch. Polo son) won the RCAC in Hoope (D)
  • For their first show, at 4 months old, the Mandinah Ch. Tancrede baby gang did very well, winning the swedish puppy BIS under T. Permo.
  • Congratulations for Figaro del Ghyryo, (another Ch. Tancrede son for his best puppy win in Luxembourg !

April 2nd

Back from a very busy week end... On saturday, Ch. Thor became Luxembourg champion with the CAC CACIB BOB and GROUP 1st (290 sighthounds) at the prestigious Luxembourg title show (Crufts qualitication show) under Iveta Vojtekova (SK - Gandamak kennel) judgments. Ch. Variance was awarded the reserve in the champion class.

I want to thank Martina Kempken (Nightwind) for taking Ch. Thor in the ring for me (busy somewhere else !) and handling the dog for the very first time... To a group 1st win in such a competition !!!

Unfortunately, we had to leave Luxembourg and couldn't compete for the BIS competition on sunday evening...

Pictured Thor winning BOB, handled by Martina, the judge I. Vojtekova and Ria Van Rameloo with her champion Serra Parecis Goo Goo Doll, BOS. More pictures of Luxembourg 07...

On sunday, both Ch. Thor (owner handled) and the very young Alycya (also owner handled... from the intermediaire class) won the RCAC at the FALAPA show under H. Huygues Despointes and K. Kaiser (USA).

March 27th

One more champion title for Ch. Vicomte... He won 3 CACs in one week end in Novi Grad, Prijedor and Banija Luka. He finished his BiH champion title and also became the most titled bulgarian afghan of all times. So well done Valia with that 2.5 yo youngster !!!

In Angers, the Ch. Mario Boss daughter Bahia D'Ab Del Shiraz became new international champion with the CACIB and BOB under C. Magre.

March 24th

First show with Martina... and first german CAC for Ch. Tancrede. That was today in Ostercapelln and he went BOS over the champion classes under B. Novak-Slo)!

His daugther Alycya won today her first CACIB (before 18 months old) in Gerona (E) under the judgments of S. Markaritis (Gr).

March 23th

Added 4 new paintings

March 21th

Congratulations to the Ch. Turenne son Jodak Body Rocker and his breeder-owner Jo, for winning a BOB and GROUP 1st in England last week end !

March 17th

Well done ! Ch. Thor won the CAC BOB (under Breeder judge Louis Dehaes) and Group 3 (under Mrs Wagner) in Wieze (B). For that win (23 afghans entered) Ch. Thor was owner-handled by Janine...

Pict. is Thor with Janine, judge Louis Dehaes, Audrie Vanstellant with ch. Sayadena Delight BOS (pict. Stefaan Van Den Heyden)

Last week, at the very competitive Offenburg show (D), the young Adele won her first german CAC (and also RCACIB) under Beatrix Mearki (Ch), from the intermediaire class.

Some wonderfull "half Menuel Galopin" news...

  • Welcome to the world to the new Neliapilan litter out of Ch. Parce Que. There are 5 males and 1 girls out of the beautifull champion bitch Neliapilan Rosepippuri. No doubts that this litter will give something "special"...
  • Congratulations for the english sexy girl Jodak Astra Comical with Tamareesha Jw (a Ch. Ch. Turenne daughter) for beeing awarded the junior year book annual points award winner 06 (best afghan junior in England 2006).

March 8th

Hot news from Germany. Ch. Tancrede leaved a few days ago for some german holidays at Nightwind. He will be shown there by Martina for a while. All the Menuel Galopin family wishes good luck for that new team !

Ch. Ch. Tancrede 's daugther Adele was in Croatia last week end and came back with another CACIB.

March 4th

Ch. Vicomte was shown for the first time since he became best sighthound 2006 in Bulgaria... That was in Kishinev (Mol) under the famous L. Muun from Russia. He won the moldavian champion title that day !

The Valence specialty was Ulrick first show this year and he won the precious specialty CAC RCACIB under S. Stefik (sk).

Congratulations to the Ch. Parce Que son, Van Gogh du Shikarah for his 5 CACIBs win (in 3 different countries) shown only 5 months !

March 3rd

Happy birthday kids... Ch. Julia, Ch. Jean Sans Peur and Java Blonde are 13 years old today, still in excellent condition. It was a 3 puppies litter !

February 17th

A few days after Ch. Tancrede, We made a few beautifull portraits of Ch. Trouble today.

February 14th

Last week end in tallinn (Est), Ch. olaf won once more the all breed veteran BIS under Jane Seymour (Aust) and Georges Kostopoulos (Gr)

February 13th

Have a look at the fantastic portraits of Ch. Tancrede made by Patryk today. The complete picture session is found on that photo page...

Tancrede was not shown in the last 18 months due to a coat drop. As you can see, he is back in condition and will step the show rings very soon...

February 11th

Niort international was our first show this year. Ch. Thor had not been shown since his world title 3 months ago. As a comeback, it turned out to a big succes, winning the CACIB BOB GROUP 1st and ALL BREED BEST IN SHOW. The breed and group judge was Mrs Kadike-Skadina (Lv), the BIS judge was Mr Pinto Texeira (P).

The rest of the family did also very well, with Ungaro winning the CAC and RCACIB (usable CACIB - his second CACIB win in two shows), Ugo winning the RCAC. For the bitches, Ch. Variance got the BOS with the CACIB (for her first time in champion class)

Pictured with the group judge Mrs Kadike-Skadina

Some new pictures of Ungaro and Ugo after the judgments...

February 4th

Congratulations Martina and Adele !!! After the group win two days ago, they went back to Eindhoven to compete for the best in show. This 15 months old girl ended with a 3rd placement in the BEST IN SHOW line up... On the way to the show, Thomas made some new pictures of Adele.

February 3rd

See the new pictures of Unabella. She was clipped down 18 months ago. She is almost back in condition and will be shown this year to complete her championships (she is already a CACIB winner in Belgium and Spain).

February 2nd

What a start ! Adele was shown today for the first time in the adult competition... and won the CAC CACIB BOB in Eindhoven - NL, (from the intermediaire class) under Lisbeth Mach (CH) over a multi champion competition ! Congratulations !!! Later in the day, she was awarded the GROUP 1st win over a top sighthound competition under J. Scheppers (NL)...

January 31th

Some bad news... for the 2349 afghan people who had made reservation for a Ch. Passy child : that little parson russel terrier, "mascotte" of the Menuel Galopin family, delivered only one puppy boy two days ago ! Both mum and baby are doing very well... Of course, some pictures will come soon...

January 28th

Added 4 new paintings... in the painting section

January 25th

Congratulations Ch. Olaf... He won the prestigious title of best veteran all breed 2006 in Tallinn last month.

In the last two years, he is undefeated in the veteran BOB competition !!!

January 15th

New champion title at 9 years old !!! That was for Ch. Olaf in Slovenia who won the CAC and the specialty BOB in Lubjania under A. Van den Broek (NL) over a big competition (there was 3 shows at the same place).

Congratulations for Ch. Vicomte for being NUMBER ONE afghan in Bulgaria 2006 !

January 8nd


2006 has been an exceptional year for the Menuel Galopin name with 30 new champion titles... Many thanks for all of you that have been taking part of this succes...

  • Ch. Ch. Parce Que, number one afghan in Germany and Switzerland (pending confirmation), collecting his English, german, VDH, Swiss titles in less than 3 months (under Martina Kempken handling and care), winning all breed BIS in Germany (Dortmund BIS for the second year in a row – biggest german show) and Switzerland, winning Specialty BIS in England and Switzerland,
  • Ch. Ch. Thor, becoming 2006 world winner also with the BOB and Group 2nd win in Poznan. He also finished his Spanish title.
  • Ch. Ch. Turenne, collecting 6 national and international champion titles in less than 4 months, breaking the Danish record to become champion with 3 CAC in 3 following days, becoming a all breed BIS…
  • Ch. Ch. Variance, number one afghan bitch in France,number one afghan bitch in Switzerland (pending confirm.) finishing her int’l title with 17 CACIBs in one year with multi group 1st… and winning the vice world winner 2006 title from the open class,
  • Ch. Ch. Regence, becoming Danish, finish and Nordic champion under Marianne Nielsen’s love and care,
  • Ch. Ch. Tasso, number one afghan in Lithuania for the 3rd year in a row, collecting a few more all breed BIS and 5 new national titles (incl. Sweden and Finland)
  • Ch. Ch. Vicomte, becoming a new all breed BIS with a few more national and international champion titles
  • Ch. Ch. Ultime, Ch. Ch. Tara, Ch. Ch. Une and Ch. Ch. Ultan, adding some more champion titles to that long list…
  • There was no puppies this year, but still, Le Menuel Galopin is number one afghan breeder in France for the 13th year in a row…
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