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News 2005

  • On nov. 19, my young Variance was introduced to the big competition with a high flying brag, for her first open class. At the sighthound specialty in Courtrai (B) under Mr Johansen (S), she won the CAC and BOB over 50 afghans included 17 champion class. See picture...

At the same place,the day after, ch. Soliano won the CAC CACIB under Lisbeth Mach, beating a champion class of 10 males.

  • In Saint Etienne (nov.12), Ulrick and Ultime have been awarded both CACs under V. Besson.

The day after, ch. Tasso won another CACIB BOB and Group 1st...

  • Puppies !!!

The beautifull Prima Dona is the proud mother of 8 very nice puppies since one month. There are 3 boys and 5 girls all in black and tan. The sire of this litter is ch. Tancrede. See Tancrede last pictures...

  • November 11 : some more wins during the last 3 week ends :

- In Metz (nov.5) under J.J. Dupas, ch. Regence won the CACIB,

- In Nantes (oct.30) under G. Bredaut, ch. Thor was awarded his 10th CACIB this year (also BOB). ch. Une was BOS and CACIB winner.

- In Skoje (oct.23), the very young champion Vicomte finnished his Makedonian championship. This is his 3rd championship at less than 16 months old.

  • October 11 : The last 3 months have been very busy and I didn't find time to update the website. During the last 4 months I have shown only one time but the rest of our Menuel Galopin family kept on winning all the award around Europe, which made me the happiest and the proudest afghan breeder in that world...
  • Here are some of the Menuel Galopin summer highlights...

- No doubts that ch. Tasso will be one of the top winning dogs in the baltic countries in 2005. In july he finnished his polish title with a group 1st. In august he gained 2 SBIS and 2 all breed BIS in 3 week ends out, won the breed at the lituanian national under Javier Blanco (Sp), finished his moldavian championship. In september, he became romanian and Central european champion and won his 15th group 1st at less than 3 years old. Some of these wins have been done under very high competition. Congratulations Lauryna for your remarkable job with Tasso.

- One of the upcoming stars is Vicomte. He became a champion in Bulgaria and Serbia at the all time record age of 15 months and 2 weeks. In his youth classes, he had also been awarded the junior titles in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia Montenegro. In his two first outing in open class, he won both times the CACIB. Congratulations Valia...

- Another upcoming star is his litter brother. Voltaire was shown once this summer and won the jr BIS over a very tough competition in Chateau Gonthier, owner-handled by Yvon. Congratulations !

- Consistant winner ch. Thor won two more CACIBs (Pontoise in France and Charleroi in Belgium) and two more BOB (Corlai and Chateau Gonthier). To date, he is the top afghan in France. Congratulations Janine. Following her "big brother", his young kennelmate Ultime won the open class at all these shows.

- The biggest win of the trimester (and surely the biggest entry at an international show this year), was awarded in Luxembourg to ch. Soliano who won the luxembourg champion title with the BOB and group 1st. At that show the young ch. Une won the CAC and RCACIB beating 10 champion bitches from the open class. Congratulations Michele.

- The veteran ch. Olaf became a finnish champion in grand style with a BOB group 1st and all breed BIS. Congratulations Galina.

- ch. Tara finnished her swiss champion title with the BOB win at the Kleindottingen specialty under R. Tromp Pruyn. Congratulations Marie.

- At least, the young ch. Ulrick won the CAC and BOB in Le Puy under Mrs Lombard. Congratulations Lionnel...

I have probably forgotten some other important wins...

  • At the specialty show in Douai (july 16th under S. Stefik - Sk-), ch. Regence won the CACIB. ch. Thor was awarded the champion class and the reserve CACIB while Ultime got the specialty CAC. In the last 3 months in France, Regence won the CACIB everytime she was shown. For all these wins, she was expertely shown by Cedric Jegou. Cedric is a tallented professional handler. His phone number is + 33 6 30 96 09 91...
  • july 8th : South welles championship show in England (judge Monica Booth) : ch. Regence won the very competitive open class and the RCC. ch. Parce Que was 2nd in open class. There was 180 afghans.
  • ch. Soliano won the belgian national club show in Ewans (july 3rd) under Sammi Wilson (GB). He was awarded the CAC and BOS. ch. Une was second in champion class and got the RCAC.

The same day, Campbon was the first show for ch. Tancrede since he came back to France (under C. Magre). He won the BOB and group 2nd. Variance was BOS from the junior class.

  • June 26th : ch. Trouble is international champion. He finished in Cracow (PL) with the CAC CACIB BOB and group 2nd over big competition under A. Van den Broek (Nl). ch. Une Was BOS with also the CAC and CACIB.

below, Trouble and Une pictured at the show

The same day, ch. Thor won another french BOB in Chartres under B. Barjot. Ultime got the CAC and BOS.

  • Vicomte finnished his serbian jr title in 3 straight shows. On june 19, he won the BOB and group 1st from the junior class !!!
  • Three Counties championship show in England (june 14). Ch. Parce que was awarded his second english ticket with the CC and BOB (entry 174 afg.) under breeder judge Jacky Day. After that memorable day, Polo is one CC from his english title. At that show, Turenne was 2nd in Post graduate class and ch. Regence 3rd in open bitch.

Pictured for the CC (with the rcc dog Thuja all in the game)

Pictured for the BOB (with the bitch CC Khamis with attitude at Sanstas).

Pictured in the group

  • Another extraordinary show day : june 12...

- In Kaliningrad (Russia), Both ch. Trouble and ch. Une won the CAC and CACIBs. They are both Russian champions !!! Une won the group 1st, best dog on the day, and... ALL BREED BIS. Congratulations little girl...

- the same day in Poland, ch. Sophie-Marie finnished her polish championship in style with the BOB group 1st and BIS 3 !!!

- In Lyon (french championship), Ulrick won the RCAC for his 3rd appareance, owner-handled.

  • European dog show in Vienna on june 3 :

Two years after Bratislava, ch. Parce que won his second EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE in Wien (A) under M.C. Delabelle (B)(entry 103). As far as we know, he is the only afghan to win both the VDH and the FCI european title the same year... He is also the third afghan ever to have won two FCI european championships (ch. Sanallah Jerome and our own ch. Mario Boss are the first ones)

His half sister ch. Tara won the champion class and the RCACIB. Our girls won the reserve European title the last 4 years (2005 and 2004 for Tara, 2003 and 2002 for Paloma P.) All our dogs have been placed. ch. Paloma P. was 2nd in champion class, ch. Tancrede 4th in open and Ultan 3rd in intermediaire.

The day after, at the sighthound specialty (65 afghans entered), Polo's litter sister ch. Paloma P. won the champion class and the BOB under Espen Engh (N). ch. Tara won the open class. For the boys, ch. Parce Que won the champion class and went BOS to his sister and ch. Tancrede won the RCAC from the open class. Tancrede is now back to France. I want to thank my friend Sandra Gajinovic in Yougoslavia for her exceptional care of Tancrede during his holidays in her home and wish her good luck with Tancrede's two sons.

  • CHAMPIONS ! ch. Une and ch. Trouble are new champions. They finished at the international show in Lezno (Pl), on may 29, with the CAC CACIB and BOB for Une, with the CAC and RCACIB for Trouble.

In Mantes (F - under M. Hermel), the same day, ch. Thor won another CACIB BOB while his kennelmate Ultime was awarded the CAC and RCACIB.

  • Ch. Regence finished her french title at the Perigueux specialty show (judge J.J. Dupas) with the CAC and the CACIB on may 22.
  • Weeks after weeks the Menuel Galopin Team preponderate the european afghan scene. Listen to what happened yesterday (may 15)...

- South in Mol (Yu), ch. Tancrede won his third Group win in a row (in 3 weeks) and the ALL BREED BIS (breed and group judge Dr Janjic and BIS judge Dr Al Dagistani). One more time I want to thank Sandra for her devotion.

- East in Poland, Patryk got both CAC on Trouble and Une. That girl won the breed over her half brother, the group 1st and the ALL BREED RBIS (1000 dogs)...

- North in Lituania, ch. Tasso won his 5th group 1st... during the last 5 shows !!!

- West in St Brieuc (F), Turenne was CAC CACIB BOB and Group 2nd (judge C. Magre). That was his second CACIB (both times over champion class) for his second int'l continental show. ch. Regence won also the CACIB and the BOS. Both Reserve CACIBs went to ch. Thor and Ultime.

- Center, at the sighthound specialty in Versoix (CH), ch. Soliano finnished his swiss title with the CAC BOB and SPECIALTY BIS...(breed judge Mrs Lombard and BIS judge H. Huygues Despointes) ch. Tara won also the CAC and BOS... and Themis the RCAC for her first show ever !!!

- East in Czec republik, Ultan won his second specialty CAC under P. Renard.

Pictured the yugoslavian newspaper stars : Sandra and Tancrede...

  • Polo is definitively making history in the afghan world :

At the europasieger show in Dortmund (may 7)he won the CAC CACIB BOB, group 1st and BIS over 5900 dogs. Regina Tromp Pruyn (NL) judged the breed, Goran Bodegard (S) judged the group and FCI president Hans Muller (CH) judged the BIS.

I can hardly find the words to explain my feeling about the unanimous judges enthousiasm around this dog and the warm support from most of the afghan fanciers. Step by step, ch. Parce Que Du Menuel Galopin is building an exceptional career, both as a show dog and as a sire. His older children are not 2 years old and are already making a big impact. Follow these Polo's litters at Varius Avis (Pl), Shikarah (F), Popov (NL), Del Ghyryo (B) and Xciting (S). No doubts that Polo has put his stamp on and that the puppy futures looks bright.

In Dortmund, ch. Janet won the veteran class and her veteran ch. title.

With this exceptional win, Polo is number one afghan in Germany, in despite that it is his only show in Germany this year !

This fantastic victory should not hide the fabulous results from the rest of the family this week end ...

- In Luxembourg, ch. Soliano Won the CAC, the BOB (47 afghans) and BIS 3 (238 sighthounds) at the sighthound specialty in Weiswampach under M.T. Durando (I). Turenne was 2nd in open class with the Reserve CAC and Variance won the junior class and the Luxembourg jr champion title.

- In Sombor (Yu), ch. Tancrede won another group 1st with CAC CACIB and BOB.

- In Lituania, his litter brother ch. Tasso also won the group 1st !!!

In one month, 9 group 1st at international shows have been won by Menuel Galopin afghans. THIS IS PROBABLY A ALL BREED RECORD...

Dortmund BIS line up with judge Hans Muller

Dortmund BOB and BOS (ch. Serra Parecis Goo goo doll) with judge Regina Tromp Pruyn

  • may 5th : ch. Romance won her 5th CACIB in a row this year in Tarbes under J.L. Grunheid.
  • May 1st was another memorable day. At the int'l Amiens show (judge H. Huygues Despointes), ch. Regence won the CACIB, BOB and Group 3rd. Turenne, who arrived from England the day before, won the CAC CACIB (over the champion class) and BOS for his first show !!!

In Yougoslavia, ch. Tancrede was awarded another group 1st with the RBIS.

South, in San Sebastian (Spain), ch. Paloma won the CACIB, BOB and group 1st under the judgment of sighthound specialist L. Fintorova. At that show ch. Tara did get the CAC and Reserve CACIB... and finished also her international champion title.

This is the 4th Menuel Galopin to finish is international title in one month. As a breeder, I am so proud to ad that all these 4 champion afghans finnished their title owners handled... Bravo to Janine with ch. Thor, to Sandra with ch. Tancrede, to Marzena with ch. Sophie and to Marie with ch. Tara.

  • 2.5 y.o. and already 8 champion titles for him : ch. Tasso is new Ukrainian champion with the CAC CACIB BOB both days in Kiev, with a group 2nd the first day and a group 1st the second day (3500 dogs each days). He is also Ukraine winner 2005. The judges were S. Stefik (SK)on saturday 23th and T. Thorn (GB)on sunday 24th.
  • At Chateauroux int'l (april 23th) under J. Brixhe (B), ch. Thor won his 5th CACIB BOB this year (out of 7 shows) !!!

ch. Romance was BOS CACIB (4th CACIB this year... shown 4 times !!!) and Ultime got the CAC and RCACIB (she can use the CACIB as Romance is already int'l champion).

  • April 17 : Here is the THIRD international champion Menuel Galopin afghan in 3 weeks... ch. Tancrede

finnised in great style with the CAC CACIB BOB and group 1st at Bijeljina under judge M. Urosevic. I want to thank Sandra for all the wonderfull job in the ring and the fantastic care during Tancrede's holidays in her home. Tancrede should be back to France in June...

  • April 9 : ch. Sophie-Marie finnished her international champion title with her last CACIB in Romania. The day after, she also won the CAC CACIB BOB and Group 1st. Congratulations to Aga and Marzena new owners of Sophie...

The same day, ch. Thor won the CACIB BOB and Group 2nd in Limoges under G. Mensancal (and L. Mach for the group).

  • April 3 : FALAPA show in Vierzon. David Allan judged the bitches :

- CAC and BOS went to ch. Regence

- her half sister Une won the intermediaire class, her cousin ch. Paloma P. the champion class and her grand aunt ch. Julia the +10yo veteran class (also veteran BIS) (see picture below).

As a breeder, it was a very warm feeling to see these 4 black and similar girls competing for the best bitch together... A gorgeous family portrait !

  • April 2 : ch. Tasso was awarded the CAC CACIB BOB Group 1st and BIS3 at the competitive Minsk (Bh) international show under J. Mathyas (Slov).
  • March 27 : the two litter brother became champions : ch. Thor finnished is international title with the CACIB and BOB in Angers (judge J. L. Grunheid) and ch. Tancrede closed his championship in Serbia and Montenegro with his friend Sandra handling him. In Angers, Ultime was also CAC CACIB BOS winner...
  • Poitiers on march 12, ch. Romance won another CACIB under J.L. Grunheid. Une and Ugo won both CAC and RCACIB (after int'l champions so they can use both CACIBs)

Variance was JrBOB and group 2nd for her first show.

  • CRUFTS 2005 : Lynda Race placed ch. Parce que 4th in the open class (18 males entered, included 13 champions).
  • March 5 and 6 : In Holland (Zuidlaren), judge R. Tromp gave ch. Parce que his last CAC-CACIB to finnish his dutch championship. Polo was BOB, Group 1st and RBIS. Une won her first CACIB that day.
  • In Lithania, for the double CACIB show, ch. Olaf won the CACIB and BOB the first day under AM. Thomassen (S). His son ch. Tasso won the CACIB and BOB the second day under L. Mach (CH)... Both days over multi champion competition...
  • feb.27 : Another BOB and group 1st win (with BIS5) to ch. Tasso in Lithuanie. At less than 2,5 yo, this is his 17th BOB...

Best male number 2 and number 3 was two other ch. Olaf sons.

  • Feb. 26-27, for the double show in Valladolid (E), the young Ungaro won the breed both days. On saturday (judge A. Mesto), he got the CAC and BOB for his second open class ever. On sunday, he won also the CAC CACIB and BOB. At that show, the bitch CAC, CACIB and BOS went to Unabella.

Congratulations for the owners and handlers.

  • The Trouble x Prima puppies are 8 months old. Today (feb.25) you can see the first pictures of Viviane, Vive la vie, Variance, Vicomte, Val de Loire, Va tout and Voltaire. Look at them carefully... and you will probably understand that this is not just "another pretty litter"...
  • Afghan specialty in Bourges (feb.20) under B. Barjot : ch. Romance won the CACIB and BOS. Ultime got the open class with the specialty CAC and the RCACIB. Her litter sister Une won the intermediaire class and the RCAC.

For the dogs, ch. Thor was also awarded the specialty CAC with the RCACIB.

Direction north, ch. Tasso got another polish CAC with the breed and the group 1st win. He finished his Polish Champion title... At that show, ch. Parce Que daughter Guess my wish Varius Avis was junior BOB.

One more time, I want to point the fact that all these dogs have been owner-handled... and I want to congratulate these owners who are all of them private people (none of them are breeders).

  • For the double CACIB show (feb.12 and 13) in Fribourg (CH), ch. Regence did very well one more time, with the CAC CACIB both days (judges L. Mach and Mrs Novak). On sunday she won the breed and group 1st.

Both days the young Viviane was puppy BOB. This was her first time out...

The same day in France, ch. Thor won the CAC CACIB and BOB at the int'l show in Niort under P. Renard, and his litter brother ch. Tasso won the breed and group 2nd in Lithuania.

  • In Eindhoven (NL), on jan. 28, ch. Parce Que won his second dutch CAC with the CACIB, the BOB and the group 1st under A. Sjöström (Sweden).

Unfortunetely, we couldn't stay in Holland to compete for the BIS on sunday evening.

  • Jan.24, new pictures of ch. Thais, ch. Regence, ch. Thor, ch. Tasso, Trouble and Tancrede .
  • ch. Thais is the 51th Menuel Galopin afghan to become champion.

She finished her spanish title in Vic (Barcelone) on jan. 23, almost undefeated...

  • ch. Romance won the CACIB in Montpellier on jan.23 under Mrs Belletout Cibot. This is her 12th CACIB.

The day after, Unabella was awarded the RCACIB from the open class in Mouscron (B) under Mr Derouet.

  • jan. 19 : I am late (like always !), but i wish all my friends all over the world a happy new year 2005.
  • 2004 ended as another exceptional year

- for the 11th year in a row, LE MENUEL GALOPIN is number one kennel in France, far in the front of any other kennels. We are also in the top 20 kennels all breeds.

- ch. Tara is number one afghan bitch in France 2004

- ch. Orience is number one sighthound in Denmark 2004

- ch. Tasso is number one afghan in Lithuania 2004 for the second year

- ch. Regence is in the top 20 all breeds in Sweden 2004 with only 3 shows.

  • The two biggest shows of the end of the year are Amsterdam and Brussels. Both shows have been won by two Menuel Galopin males : ch. Polo won in Amsterdam and ch. Sebastien in Brussels.
  • The last show of the year (Caen on dec.19) was an afghan specialty. Trouble won the breed with CAC CACIB from the open class over top competition.
  • How could we start the show year better than that? In Paris-Vincennes on jan.9. The judge gave the CAC CACIB and BOB to ch. Thor over 5 champions.
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