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News 2004

Dec 8, I propose for a serious show home a 5 months old top show prospect puppy male. Pictures and pedigree on request.

dec. 5 : In the north ch. Tasso won the BOB both days in Lithuania. He also won his third CACIB. He is in the waiting time for his international champion title.

In the south, the young Ugo won the CAC at the spanish national specialty under Lynda Race from the intermediaire class. His sire ch. Sebastien won the open class and the reserve CAC.

nov. 30 : So many things happened since my last update !!!

- first of all, ch. Parce Que won the winner title 2004 in Amsterdam last sunday (nov.28) under dutch judge Andre Van den Broeck over a tough competition, - The week end before, ch. Regence got the group 1st in Rennes (breed judge Mrs Belletout and group judge Mr Hermel). Une won the CAC. The same day, ch. Thais was awarded the spanish championship point under Carla Molinari in Jerez. She is one single CAC from her spanish champion title. - on nov. 7, the young Ultan won the CAC for his first intermediaire class in Nitra (SK). At that show ch. Olaf finnished his SK title by winning the open class. He is back to his owner Galina in Estonia. - the week end before, his littermate ch. Ulrick got the specialty CAC for his first open class uner J. Medard Ringuet. ch. Tara was awarded the CACIB. - some fantastic news from Denmark : ch. Orience is number one sighthound in Denmark for 2004. Congratulaitons Else ! - PUPPY... Yes, ch. Nefertiti delivered only one puppy on oct. 26. The proud dad is Trouble. - Congratulations Ugo ! He is the new cover boy of the french dog magazine "vos chiens" dec. issue...

Nantes int'l show under famous sighthound specialist Goran Bodegard (S) : ch. Parce Que won the CACIB BOB and group 1st. The judge wrote about Polo (on the picture) "this dog is one of the realy good ones I have seen in my experience a sa judge since 1966. Very difficult to fault". The young Ultime won the open class with CAC and RCACIB (after an international champion, so she can use the CACIB).

The same day, Raïa was awarded the CAC CACIB BOB and group 2nd in Coimbra (P) under Pedro Rufino.

Oct. 10 : In Orleans, ch. Soliano was awarded another CACIB BOB (and group 2nd) under J.L. grunheid. ch. Tara was BOS CACIB. The new champion Thor won the open class and the RCACIB (pictured Soliano on the left and Thor on the right).

The same day in Germany, the veteran ch. Janet made a striking comeback in the show rings after a 5 years break... with a specialy BOS at 10 yo (pic. below)!!!

On oct.3, 17 new pictures on the site : some beautifull photos of ch. Regence last week end in Brissarthe, the litermates Une and Ungaro, 16 months old, ch. Tara winning RBIS in Chateau Gonthier one month ago (see previous news), new champion litterbrothers ch. Tasso, ch. Thor and Tancrede (with his best friend Sandra), and some recent pictures of our old ladies : ch. Nefertiti in summer clothes, ch. Julia 10.5 years old and ch. Luna on her sofa...

Oct.2 : That was Unabella first open class. She won the CAC CACIB BOS over the champion class in Charleroi under J.L. Grunheid.

sept. 25 : Sighthound specialty in Brissarthe (+200 entry), ch. Regence won the BOB with RBIS under D. Faure. Trouble was BOS to her.

Sept 19 : In Denmark, Tonnerre won his final CAC at the danish winner title and became the 50TH CHAMPION FOR THE MENUEL GALOPIN. he was 2 years and 3 days old (2 years is required to be champion).

The same day, his litter sister ch. Tara won the CACIB and BOB at the afghan specialty in Compiegne (judge J. Brixhe). ch. Soliano was BOS with the CACIB win.

Sept 12 : One week after his litter brother, Thor finnished his polish championship with the BOB under J. Borkowska. The same day, ch. Tara won another CACIB in Pontoise under M. Hermel.

How to finnish in style? Tasso finnished his championships with another BOB, group 1st and BIS5. At 2 years old he is already Lituanian, latvian, estonian, baltic, russian and bielorussian champion !!! Congratulations Lauryna for your exceptional work with Tasso, your first afghan...

Some fantastic news coming from Sweden. After her exceptional succes in Ronneby, ch. Regence is in the front cover of the swedish dog magazine Hundsport and ranked as number 10 dogs all breed in Sweden!!!

First week end of september : - in Nevers (judge V. Besson), ch. Tara won the CACIB and ch. Soliano the CACIB, BOB and group 1st. - at a afghan specialty in Denmark, ch. Orience was BOS to her son Exxos Rosario who went on group 4th, just 15 month old. - In MLADA (CZ), Ultan finnised his jr CZ champion title.

August 16 : Private viewing of my painting exhibition in Le Lion d'Angers, that can be seen in the beautifull place of the horse stud farm gallery until sept. 26. All visitors wellcome. You can view some of my paintings.

Traditionally, august is a very quiet dog show month. The Menuel Galopin team was represented in 4 shows all over Europe and won... 4 BOB : - in Cahors (8/08 judge V. Besson), the young Ugo won the CAC and BOB from the intermediaire class. - in Funen (DK), on aug. 15, ch. Orience won another CACIB BOB, - in Sopot (PL), on aug. 15, Tasso won the CAC CACIB and BOB over multi ch. competition. - in Chateau Gonthier, on aug. 22 (judge A. Cuny), ch. Tara won the BOB, Group 1st and R.BIS (1300 dogs). Her litter brother Trouble won the CAC and BOS. The young Une was awarded the CAC from her first intermediaire class over the open class.

29/30/31/07 and 01/08 was the 4 x days international shows in Ronneby in Sweden. That were our first shows in Sweden ever... We came with 4 afghans and went back with 4 swedish champions !!!

Ronneby 1 - judge Martha Heine (Germany), entry 38 : ch. Parce Que was Best male number 2 with RCACIB and ch. Paloma was best bitch number 2 with the CAC and the new swedish championship !

Ronneby 2 - judge Allan Pepper (Canada), entry 51 : ch. Regence became a new swedish champion, with the CAC CACIB BOB group 1st and ALL BREED BIS OVER MORE THAN 3000 dogs...

Ronneby 3 - judge Lisbeth Mach (Switzerland), entry 41 : ch. Soliano was awarded the CAC CACIB BOB and group 1st... and new swedish champion. ch. Parce Que was 2nd best male with RCACIB and ch. Regence won the CACIB and BOS.

Ronneby 4 - judge Neil Graves (Canada), entry 43 : ch. Regence won the CACIB BOB group 1st and Reserve BIS over 3000 dogs!!! For the males, ch. Soliano was awarded CACIB and BOS and ch. Parce Que the CAC RCACIB and best male 2nd. He is now a new swedish champion.

During the 4 shows, our dogs recorded the incredible result of 5 CACIBs, 4 RCACIBs, 3 BOBs, 3 group 1st, 1 BIS and 1 RBIS. We are thrilled about these results and overall positive reactions from the swedish and international afghan family on our dogs. Thanks for your support !

Congratulations for Tancrède and his best friend and handler Sandra. Shown 3 times in july, Tancrede won 2 CACIBs and two group 1st. What a team !!!

Tasso won the CAC CACIB BOB and group 3rd in Kaliningrad (Rus) under the judgment of AM. Thomassen (S). This was on july 25.

ch. Soliano won the breed and group 1st at the national show in Campbon (july 11), under A. Cuny. ch. Tara was BOS.

PUPPIES : on june 29th, Primadona delivered 7 puppies (4 males and 3 girls) sired by the young Trouble. This is a half brother half sister combination on Marie France Serious inquiries are welcome.

New pictures of ch. Tara, Unabella and Ultime

week end show report (june 27): in Poland (Krakow) Thor won the CAC and RCACIB (after an int'l champion so he can use the CACIB) from the intermediaire class (judge N. Gapaniuk). In France (Saintes), the young Ugo won also the CAC from the intermediaire class (judge A. Cuny). His kennel mate ch. Romance was BOB.

After a break from the show ring, ch. Orience is back. On june 19 and 20, at the double sighthound specialties in Wilhelmsborg (DK), she won the breed and BIS2 both days under B. Ahrens (I) and G. Grandi (I).

French championship show 2004 in Nantes under Raphael de Santiago (Puerto Rico): New french champion Tara won the BOB (over 14 CHAMPIONS) with the CAC and CACIB. New french champion ch. Soliano was BOS with the CAC and CACIB. junior BOB went to Ultime and the bitches reserve CACIB to ch. Paloma P....

Bernard Barjot judged the afghan specialty in Tours june 13th. He gave Tara the CAC CACIB BOB and ch. Soliano the CACIB and BOS.

June 6th, Tasso won another CAC BOB group 2nd in Lithuania. This is his 7th BOB... shown 7 times !!! See new picture of him.

Far north in Helsinki, Uran was 2nd in junior class at the finnish national (judge Roberta Hall) for his first show. He was the youngest in his class.

European dog show in Barcelona on june 4th : Tara won the open class with the CAC (championship point required for the spanish title) and the RCACIB. She is vice european winner 20 months old !!!

New pictures of ch. Parce Que, Turenne and Trouble.

Two group 1st wins for the two litter brothers (they are only 21 months old !) on may 29 : - Tancrede is spending holidays in Yugoslavia with his best friend Sandra since one week. For their first show, he won the CAC BOB group 1st and BIS 4th !!! (judge G. Peinovic) - Tasso was awarded the all breed RBIS with the CAC BOB Group 1st in Plunge (Lit.) under Mrs Svetlova (BLR) and Chumakina.

The day after (may 30), Sophie-Marie won the CAC and CACIB and the young Trouble the CAC and RCACIB in Lezno (Pl). Sophie is one CACIB from her international title.

Lot of succes for the Menuel Galopin gang all over Europe last week end (may 15 and 16)!!!

  • In France (St Brieuc int'l), ch. Soliano won the CACIB, BOB and group 1st and ch. Regence the CACIB and BOS (judge Jean Louis Grunheid).
  • In Switzerland (St Gallen int'l) also, our two dogs entered won : ch. Parce Que got the CAC CACIB, BOB and group 3rd. Half sister Tara won the CAC CACIB and BOS. These wins were from a very nice competition and under the breed judgements of Annika Ulmeit Moe from Sweden.
  • In Austria (year club show), ch. Olaf won the open class and the CAC under Pat Latimer (GB).

- In Lithuania, Olaf son Tasso won another CAC BOB group 2nd (judge N. Nekrosiene).

  • At least in Czec republik, Ultan won his second CACJ in a row and became jr club winner under judge A. Mudra.

Congratulations to all of you !!!

On may 13, ch. Parce Que became the proud father of 12 puppies at the kennel Du Shikara. The mother is multi ch. Nuit d'Amour du Shikara (daughter to ch. H'le viking du Menuel Galopin).

may 11 : You can enjoy the new pictures of my paintings (click down to the left on the front page).

may 10 : new pictures of ch. Regence, Thor, ch. Soliano, ch. Paloma, Ugo, Thais and Primadona.

May 9 : Two new international champions for the Menuel Galopin team last week end!!! - ch. Regence finnished in grand style at Dormund with the VDH EUROPEAN title win over 40 bitches. Diana Greenfield (GB) who judged the bitches wrote in her comments that "she is everything I look for in an afghan" . For the males (L. Bishop), ch. Parce Que won the r.CACIB (vice eurosieger).

- Direction south : new french ch. Romance won both CACIBs, saturday in Elvas (P) and sunday in Badajoz (E)... to finnish her international championship.

Exciting news from the north : Tasso won two CAC BOB (over champion class) and group placements in a row in Lithuanie. At 20 months old, he is close to be champion.

Ultan won the jr winner of slovac republik and the cajc under V. Vojtek on may 8 !

At San Sebastian (Spain) under Angela Haucher on may 2, ch. Regence won the CACIB and BOB. Thor won the open class with the CAC and RCACIB (after an international ch., so he can use that CACIB). In only one month and 3 shows (and 3 wins !!!), Thor is already in the waiting time of his int' title !

Busy week end for ch. Olaf also... with two shows... and two wins in Poland. He is also in the waiting time of his polish title. He will stay for a while in Cz republik with his friend Romana Hrebejkova. Congratulations for Romana who achieved the junior ch. titles for all 5 youngsters she had from her litter out of Olaf !!!

Wellcome back home to Primadona. This beautifull Polo litter sister will be back in condition and shown next year. Her type and movements are exceptional... You can see two new pictures of her.

At the Limoges int'l show on april 18 (judge J.J. Dupas), Une won the breed from the junior class over the champion classes and the two FALAPA winners (two weeks ago) !!! That was her second show. ch. Sebastien got the CACIB and BOS and ch. Romance the CAC - CACIB for the bitches.

Some exciting news from Spain : For her two first shows of the year, Thais won two CACIBs (Murcia and Alicante). Congratulations !!!

The french national specialty was held in Vierzon on april 4. One more time, big succes for our dogs : ch. Romance won the CAC and BOS under Jenny Dove (GB) and became the first french champion 2004. Both ch. Soliano and Tara won the reserve CAC. 3 of the 4 Menuel Galopin bitches in open class have been placed (the 4th was in the last selection). ch. Paloma P. won the champion class and the young Uran was best puppy all classes. He leaved right after the show for Finland to his new home with Heidi Sumen.

Pictured is Romance winning the CAC under J. Dove.

Pictured is Tara winning the reserve CAC.

After 3 months off from the rings, HE is back... At the big luxembourg international championship show (more than 4200 dogs, the record entry for Luxembourg), MONSIEUR CH. PARCE QUE WON THE ALL BREED BIS.

Pictured on the photo (left to right) are Mr Rui Valente de Araujo (group judge from Portugal), Torre Fossum (BIS judge from Norway), Rita Van Mechelen (breed judge, from Belgium) and Nicolas Schwab (president of the lux. kennel club).

On the picture, all the 2004 luxembourg judges with the BIS line up.

Polo won the breed in front of 66 afghans and ch. Regence finished also her luxembourg champion title with the CAC from the open class. Polo is breaking the records, winning 3 all breed BIS at big international exhibitions for his last 5 shows.

This was a very emotional victory. As far as we know, the last afghan who won BIS in luxembourg is ch. H'le viking. That was in 1995. H'le viking died last week, two days before the show...

New pictures of Une, Ungaro and Sophie

March 27 and 28 : there was a double show in Torrelavega (Spain). The first day, ch. Sebastien won the CAC, BOB and group 1st and ch. Reine Claude the CAC and BOS. The second day, ch. Sebastien won another CAC with the RCACIB and ch. Reine Claude the CAC CACIB and BOS. Both days the junior BOB was won by Unabella.

March 21 in CZ was Ultan first show. He was best puppy in show. Congratulations !!!

March 21 : In Montlucon, under J. Medard Ringuet, Tara won her third CACIB BOB in a row. CACIB and BOS was awarded to Thor and junior BOB with Group 1st to the young Une. Best afghan puppy and all breed RBIS puppy was won by Ulrick. That was these two youngsters very first show.

March 15 : New pictures of ch. Soliano, Thor, Tara and Ultime taken at the show last week end.

In Poitiers (march 13) Tara won another CAC CACIB BOB under J.J. Dupas. ch. Soliano won the champion class, the CACIB and BOS. The young Thor catched the open class with the CAC and the reserve CACIB (that he can use as his first CACIB). Ultime won the junior BOB (and group 2nd).

March 3rd : Happy 10th birthday to ch. Jean Sans Peur and ch. Julia. New pictures of them...

feb. 22 : Another Menuel Galopin girl pushed all the boys out... and won the group 1st at the competitive international show in Toulouse : that was Ch. Reine Claude, owner-handled by Didier Clemenceau. The judge was Alain Campagne. Her litter sister Romance won the CAC and reserve CACIB. BOS and CACIB for the boys was awarded to ch. Sebastien.

ALL BREED BIS AT THE INTERNATIONAL SHOW IN NIORT (feb.8) for the 16 months old Tara under the swedish judge M. Johansson. She won the CACIB, the breed and the group under Mr Brixhe (B). The dog CACIB and BOS was awarded to Tancrède and the reserve to his litter brother Thor.

Feb.7, new pictures of Tancrède

Jan.25 : First of all, you will find new pages for the younsters : Uran, Ulrick, Ultan, Urus , Une, Ultime and Ungaro.

Second, you can see new pictures of Ugo, Unabella, Untel, Thor, ch. Soliano and Tasso.

Third, I have added a link (yes, down to the left) where you can see some of my art work, mostly about horses. The pages are in construction and therefore some better pictures will be done soon.

jan.15 : I offer, for sale, an excellent show prospect puppy male. He is 6 months old, out of ch. Parce Que x ch. Nefertiti. That puppy has a big potential with excellent caracter, show temperement and a great movement. Pictures on request.

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