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!!!News 2001

Caen is the last international show of the year in Europe. As a christmas present, ch. Parce Que was awarded all breed BIS over 2000 dogs... CACIB for the bitches and BOS went to our dutch girl Serra Parecis Don't forget to look for her second show ever (breed judge C. Magre).

At the big international show in Rouen ch. Parce Que won another CACIB and BOB under M.C. Delabelle (B) and later group 1st under J.L. Pinto Texeira (P).

nov.16 : New pictures of ch. Parce Que, ch. Paloma, Romance, ch. Jean Sans Peur and the breeder group at the FALAPA national (see below).

What a week end !!!

  • nov 9 : Le Bourget (french championship) under judge Mrs Kappers Karlson (S) ch. Orience won the CACIB and BOB and ch. Paloma P. was awarded the requiered CAC in open class to become french champion
  • nov 10 : spanish national specialty in Tarragona under Lotte Jorgensen (DK) : ch. Parce Que got the CAC and BOS (finished his spanish title) while his litter sister ch. Paloma P. won the CAC BOB and BIS. Raïa won the junior class.
  • nov 11 : Nefertiti finished her international championship title in Aveiro with the CACIB and BOB.

oct 27 : ch. Parce Que won the CACIB BOB and group 2nd in Nantes under C. Magre when his littersister ch. Paloma P. won the CACIB and BOS.

Oct 20 : At the german Bundersieger in Dortmund, both ch. Parce Que and Ch. Orience won the CAC and RCACIBs under M. Booth (GB). The day after, ch. Orience won the CACIB BOB and group 1st in Strasbourg.

oct 13 : new pictures of the puppies (Soliano, Solene and Satine), also from ch. Nicolas I, Gracieuse intrigue and Sherida.

New pictures !!! ch. Glorieuse Intrigue, ch. Lady L., Gracieuse intrigue, ch. Jazzie, ch. Lakshmi's Bocacce of int'l chapter, ch. Julia, ch. La Bardot, ch. Liza and new pages forLa Joconde and Lieutenant.

Two new champions this week-end : In Penafiel (P) Paloma P. finish her portuguese title under Norman Huidobro with the CACIB BOB and group 1st (She won the CAC at the world show 4 months ago and the CAC at the portuguese national two months ago)... Nixon finishes his international title that day.

Some new pictures on the site : Nefertiti, Serra Parecis don't forget to look (Sherida), Solene and Romance (both winning their class at the national last week end).

New pictures on the site : ch. Orience, Parce Que, ch. Nasstajia, Regence, Satine, Solene, Sophie-Marie et Sebastien.

FALAPA national in Vierzon on september 22 and 23 : résults of ALL the Menuel Galopin afghans shown :

  • open male :

Parce Que : 1 exc CAC and BOS Ch. Nicolas I : 3 exc Ch. Nathan : 4 exc Nixon : 6 exc

  • open bitches :

Paloma P. : 2 exc RCAC Nefertiti : 4 exc Niagara : exc

  • champion male : Ch. Havane int'l : 2 exc
  • young femelle (12-18 m.o.) : Romance : 1 exc
  • young male (12-18 m.o.) : Richard III : 1 exc
  • benjamin femelle (6-9) : Solene : 1 TP and best of all young female classes
  • bejamin male (6-9) : Soliano : 2 TP

... Plus Best breeder group for the Menuel Galopin... from left to right, ch. Parce Que, ch. Nathan, ch. Havane int'l, ch. Nixon and ch. Nefertiti

In Pontoise Parce Que and sister Paloma won both the CAC - CACIB under the judgments of Mme Megginson (Southafrica)

Two new international champions in one week end !!! Ch. Orience and Nasstajia won both days in Bratislava on 18 and 19 of august. Orience won the very competitive group X 1st the first day.

On august 5th, Romance got her first CAC with BOB for her first show in open class in Cahors (see her new picture). At the other side of France in Calais, the veteran ch. Jean Sans Peur won the big breed and group 1st. Parce Que got the CAC at that show.

Parce Que won the CAC CACIB in Liege from the open class over a very competitive champion class under T. Skaar (Sweden)

At her third show in England Passionata took the reserve CC over top competition on july 17 at the East of England championship show.

2 group 1st the same week end !!! This is what Parce Que won in Spain : Santander (july 7) and Portugalette int'l show (july 8). He is the only dog all breeds to have won both groups this week end !!!

Paloma P. won the all breed BIS in Campbon (1st of july) over 1400 dogs at the tender age of 21 months. She was BOB over her litter brother Parce Que under Alain Campagne. Click here to view pedigrees

Mutine finished her international title in Medina de Pomar (Spain) on june 24 under Wera Hubental (Norway) and was group 1st.

In Porto (june 10), was awarded the vice world champion title with the RCACIB and Paloma P. got the CAC from the intermediate class under J.Payo (Mexico).

In Madrid (spanish championship) Parce Que got the CAC CACIB BOB under Norman Huidobro (may 26).

On may 19 Niagara won another CACIB in La Rochelle under J.L. Brassat Lapeyrière.

At the Dortmund Europasieger (may 4) Jules finished his german championship title.

Two new titles in one show : La Luna and Olaf won both the national title in Bielorussia under the judgments of Nicola Arini (Italy)

On april 25, Niagara won the CAC CACIB in Rappalo (Italie) under judge Jean Jacques Dupas. She is one CACIB from her int'l title

At the Angers specialty (breeder judge Cynthia Aymaretti -gran pamir in Italy), on april 1st, Parce que won the CAC CACIB BOB and group 2nd.

Mutine won the CAC CACIB BOB and group 1st in Santarem (Portugal) on march 24 (judge Rita Van Mechelen - B). She is only one CACIB from her int'l title

On march 7 was born the new generation. Ch. Marie France is the very proud mother of a beautifull litter out of the english champion Exxos Gameboy at Zharrok (danish born)

definitive "pedigree - Vos chiens" classment is published : Top afghan 2000 : ch. Mario Boss du Menuel Galopin Top afghan kennel 2000 : Du Menuel Galopin (for the 6th year in a row !!!)

On march 10 in Poitiers (judge M. Steinbacher), Niagara won another CAC CACIB

On feb.14 in Bourges (judge L. de Ridder), Parce que won his first CAC CACIB at 16 months old

on feb.7in Niort (juge J. Brixhe), Niagara (sister to Nefertiti, Nicolas and Nathan won the CAC CACIB and BOB

on jan.14 in Vincennes, for the first millenium international show, Nathan won the CACIB and Paloma P. the CAC RCACIB for her first open class at 15 months old.

European championship Poznan (Poland) 28 oct. 2000

ch. Mario Boss du Menuel Galopin won the european title with BOB and group 1st over 450 sighthounds

While shown only 7 months last year, Mario is number one afghan 2000 in France (Pal System). He is now back to Russia

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