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News 2003

ch. Parce que is number one afghan in France 2003 and The Menuel Galopin kennel is number one afghan hound kennel for the 10th year in a row !!!

We wish our friends all over the world a Merry christmas and a happy new year 2004.

What a way to end the 2003 show season !!! At the Caen int'l show (dec.21) ch. Parce que won another ALL BREED BIS... What a way to start a carreer !!! At that show, the two young littermates Trouble and Tara competed for their first open class (15 months old is required and they were 15 months and 4 days old). They both won the CACIB !!! The judge was Alain Campagne.

The same day, ch. Soliano finnished his spanish title, winning the last required point at the spanish afghan national under Norman Huidobro.

New pictures of Udette, Tonnerre and Trouble.

ch. Parce que is Belgium champion now !!! In Brussels (dec.15) he won the very competitive champion class (10 champion males, included 2 world winners) and the CAC CACIB BOB under M. Borgues (P). Later on, he was placed 3rd in the group (judge J. Brixhe). At that show, our new champion Regence won the open class.

I am very proud of Tasso and Lauryna, his young owner. For the last sighthound specialty of the year, he won another BOS from the junior class, which makes him NUMBER ONE AFGHAN in Lithuania for 2003. He is multi BOB winner, always from the junior class.

A NEW CHAMPION ; rarely shown, ch. Regence finished her polish champion title in three straight shows with three group 1st, under the expert handling of Patryk Bukowczan... On dec.7 she won her last CAC, while ch. Soliano was BOS, finnishing also his polish title.

The same day in Lithuania, Tasso won another BOB (and group 3rd) from the junior class over champions.

ANOTHER ALL BREED BIS for ch. Parce que. That was at the international show in Saint Etienne on nov.23. He won the CACIB and BOB under MJ. Belletout, the group 1st under M.C. Delabelle (B), best on saturday under J. Medard Ringuet and the BIS under J. Janicot.

Congratulations for Thor and his first CAC at his first open class at 14 months old. That was in Rennes on nov.23 under C. Magre. BOB and group 2nd at that show went to ch. Nixon.

for the last afghan specialty of the year in Denmark (nov.16), Tonnerre won another CAC from the junior class. At the last 5 danish shows this year, he won 4 times the CAC, which makes him number two afghan male 2003 in Denmark at less than 14 month old.

Eurodogshow 2003 in Courtrai (B) on nov.16 : ch. Parce que did it again, winning the CAC CACIB BOB (judge A. Vanstellant) and group 2nd (judge M.C. Delabelle).

The same day Tasso won his bielorussian junior champion title with the junior BOB, group 1st and BIS 5.

nov.6 : new pages for the young Unabella, Udette, Ugo, Ulema and Untel (from the litter ch. Sebastien x ch. Odette, born feb.03).

Nov.2 : At the danish international show in Herning, Tonnerre won his third CAC, all from the junior class !!!

Nov.1 : Another CACIB & BOB for ch. Parce que. That was in Metz under judge V. Besson.

New pictures of ch. Nathan, Tasso, Romance and Richard III.

Oct. 25 : int'l show in Nantes was an afghan specialty. ch. Parce que won another CACIB BOB and 2nd in the group. The bitch CACIB and BOS went to Romance. The judge was L. Ubrova (Tch.).

The same day in Lithuanie, the young Tasso won the BOB from the junior class over champions and ended as RBIS junior (70 juniors in competition) and 3rd in the adult group.

Oct. 19 : You will have to call him CHAMPION Soliano du Menuel Galopin now. Well done boy : At the double international shows in Lausanne (CH), he won both days the CAC CACIB BOB and group 3rd (judges J. Dove and G. Mansencal). With these wins, he finishes his international championship.

Oct.15 : new pictures of ch. Parce que, ch. Paloma P., Tara, Trouble and Tonnerre.


In Bratislava (3/10), ch. Parce Que won the top european award in grand style winning the CAC CACIB BOB, GROUP 1st and BIS 3rd (10250 dogs entered). The young Tara was awarded the junior european title with the junior BOB. Later on, she won the junior all breed BIS. ch. Paloma won the reserve CACIB with the vice european ch. title (second year in a row) and Tara's litter brother Trouble the junior vice european award. Soliano was placed 4th in open class. the judge was J.L. Pinto Texeira (males) and R. Velez Pico (bitches).

At the same place was held the sighthound national the day after. the judge was P. Bennett (Australia). She gave Paloma the specialty BOB over many champions and the CAC in open class to Soliano. One more time, tara won her class and finished as jr BOB and JUNIOR BIS. This is her 3rd BIS award in 3 shows in a row.

All Polo, Paloma, Soliano, Tara and Trouble are out of ch. Marie France. Her impact in the breed is becoming obvious...

For the afghan specialty show held during the world congress in England (sept.20), the two Menuel Galopin ambassadors in England won their class : Congratulations for Turenne and Solene!.

Pontoise (Paris) int'l show : ch. Sebastien finished his international champion title easily, winning the CAC CACIB BOB one year and a couple of days after winning his first CACIB. At that show, ch. Reine Claude won also the CACIB and BOS. The judge was P. Derouet.

Two weeks after his first CAC, Tonnerre won his second one with the Specialty BOB over champions under M.T. Durando from Italy. This was on sept.5 in Denmark...

Two week ends in a row for two fantastic results... for two outstanding young littermates : At the international show in Odense (Dk on aug.17), Tonnerre won, from the junior class, the CAC with BOB over champions and group 3rd. One week after, Tara was awarded BOB from the junior class (also over champions), with the group 1st and BIS in Chateau Gonthier.

Owned handled, the princess ch. Paloma finished her belgium title in Louvain, winning the BOB over 30 afghans.

ch. Parce Que was awarded another CACIB BOB (and group 2nd) in Cahors under V. Besson. The same week end in Litvia (winner show), father and son did very well : ch. Olaf won both days best of breed, with RBIS at the sighthound specialty and group 1st and BIS4th at the international show the second day. His son Tasso was Jr BOB both days and won is now LT junior champion.

July 25th : ch. Parce Que and ch. Nefertiti became the proud parents of 7 puppies (all boys) in golden and black and tan.

In Arras (july 12), ch. Parce Que won his 7th CACIB in 7 staight shows...

Added wonderfull new pictures of Regence, ch. Sebastien and Trouble by my very good friend Kelly de Meijer. Here is Regence and her 3/4 brother Serra Parecis Foolish game winning BOS and BOB in Luxembourg.

July 6 : What a day ! In Luxembourg, Regence won the open class with the CAC and BOS over many champions (judge V. Vojtek). At the int'l show in Brives, littermates Romance and Richard III won both CAC CACIBs with the breed and group 3 for the boy. At the national show in Cambon, ch. Nathan was BOB (with group 3rd) and Sybille CAC and BOS under the judgments of J. Larive.

Another ALL BREED BIS to ch. Parce que. At the international show in Dijon (june 29), he won one more time the CACIB BOB (undefeated in the breed since april) under the judgment of C. Magre. Later on, he was group 1st, best in show saturday and all breed BIS on sunday evening (judge G. Mansencal).

Some very exciting news from the north : Tasso was awarded the junior RBIS at a big all breed competition.

New champion title for ch. Odette. At the danish specialty under J. Buchannen (Can) on june 23, she finished her danish championship title. The day before, ch. Reine Claude won the CAC herself under J. Shelton (USA).

Specialty show in Besancon under G. Mansencal (june 15) : Soliano won the CAC CACIB and BOB over a big competition. One more time, he was the only Menuel Galopin entered... that day in Denmark, the young Tonnerre won his second puppy RBIS in a row at international show.

ch. Parce que won the CACIB and BOB in Mantes (judge JJ Dupas) on june 8 and his half sister Sophie Marie was awarded CAC CACIB and BOS.

New champion title for ch. Paloma P. : On june 8, in Bilbao (E), se won her last CAC (also with the CACIB) and became spanish champion. That day Soliano got his last required spanish CAC and the CACIB. He is still in the waiting time for his international title. The day before, they won both CAC at the national show in Santander (E).

Perigueux int'l on may 24 (judge Lisbeth Mach) : ch. Parce Que won another CACIB BOB and group 2nd. Big succes for the girls also : Romance won the CAC CACIB (her 4th CACIB out of 6 shows this year) and Regence the RCAC RCACIB, both over the champion class.

Another very succesfull week end (may 17): in the north ch. Mario Boss won his required CAC (with BOB and group 2nd)) to become a swedish champion. Being already finish and danish champion, this new title gives him the suprem title of nordic champion. This is Mario's 15th champion title and makes him one of the very top winning afghans in Europe...

In the south, Soliano won the spanish championship CAC in Madrid and Raia the RCAC RCACIB.The young Thais was best puppy in group X.

International show in Saint Brieuc (may 11) under A. Campagne, ch. Parce Que won another CACIB BOB and group 1st. At that show Regence was awarded the CAC CACIB and BOS. the same day in Lithuania, Tasso was all breed puppy BIS4.

may 5, new picture of Regence.

All Europe has been invaded by the Menuel Galopin family last week end !!!!!! :

  • n the EAST, in Poland there was 3 shows. At the first(1/05), Regence won the BOB, group 1st and placed 3rd in the BIS. At the second one (2/05), she was BOB one more time while Soliano was BOS and ch. Odette won her last CAC to become POLISH CHAMPION. Regence was awarded the group 1st and later on.... The ALL BREED BIS over a entry of 1050. For the last show (int'l show on 4/05 under Lisbeth Mach), Soliano won another CAC CACIB...
  • Inthe NORTH, in Denmark (int'l show Helsingor, judge Andrew Brace), the very young Tonnerre took the all breed puppy r. BIS.
  • inhe SOUTH, littermates Romance and Richard III won both CACIBs in San Sebastian (Spain). Romance is one CACIB from her international title and that was Richard's first CACIB.
  • In the WEST, Sebastien won the specialty CAC CACIB and BOB over champions, in Amiens under Bernard Barjot.

What makes all these wins very special is that these winners were the only Menuel Galopin afghans entered at these shows... To tell the truth, these wins are even more special as I, the breeder, spend the all week end at my home to take care of my son and my puppies. Congratulations to the owners-handlers. This gives even more value to their wins. As a breeder, I am especialy proud of that...

4 CACIBs in two shows the same week end !!!(april 26 /27) : In Opole (P), Soliano won the CACIB and BOS to Regence who was awarded the CACIB, the BOB (over 6 champions) and group 3rd. In Chateauroux (judge M.J. Belletout), ch. Parce Que and Sophie-Marie won both CACIBs. Polo was BOB and second in the group under J.J. Dupas.

Ch. Paloma P. won her third belgium CAC in Ostende on april 13 (judge Ana Mesto) over a big entry. She is now in the waiting time to finish her belgium title.

april 13 : Two shows, two BOBs, one group 1st and one group 2nd for ch. Parce Que (La Roche sur Yon under C. Magre and Limoges under B. Barjot). At the first show, Regence won the CAC and BOS. At the second show, both littermates Soliano and Sophie-Marie won the reserve CACIBs.

april 12 : added new pictures of ch. Parce Que, Soliano, Tonnerre, Tara, Trouble, Thais, Sebastien and Tael.

ch. Mario Boss is spending holidays in Denmark by Else Holmegaard and after one week, he is already danish champion, winning the required CAC at the afghan specialty on april 6 under Roberta Hall (GB).

FALAPA show in Vierzon : For the boys : 2nd (with RCAC), 3rd and 4th in open class went to Soliano, Sebastien and ch. Nixon. Well done boys !!! ch. Parce que won the champion class and young Trouble was 2nd in the puppy class. For the girls : 2nd (with RCAC) and 6th in open class went to Sophie Marie and ch. Reine Claude, while the very young Tara won the puppy class and the veteran ch. La Bardot was awarded best veteran. The Menuel Galopin afghans went best breeder group (pic.).

Big succes at the luxembourg championship show on march 31 : the young Sebastien was awarded the CAC CACIB BOB over a record entry of 81 afghans and 20 champions (judge Mary Mulvaney, IRL). He was 2nd in a very competitive group. Reine Claude won the CAC an réserve CACIB, and therefore, finished her luxembourg title.

In Angers int'l, ch. Nathan won the CACIB BOB and group 2nd on march 31, for one of his rare appearance...

ch. Mario Boss finished his belgium title in grand style, winning the CAC CACIB BOB and 2nd in the group in Wieze (judge Louis Dehaes).

On march 16, new pictures of Sherida, Tasso, Tancrède, Trouble and Turenne.

Romance was awarded the CAC and CACIB in Montluçon on march 16 under Mrs Belletout-Cibot.

Soliano won another CACIB in Poitiers (march 9) under A. Campagne.

In Valladolid (Spain), Soliano, won the CACs both days (21 and 22 feb.).

New pictures of ch. Odette, ch. Olaf, Regence, ch. Orience Sherida, Reine Claude, ch. Nefertiti, ch. Parce Que , Primadona, Tasso and a new page for Sybille.

on feb. 21, I have added 15 new pages on my website for the new "Menuel Galopin" generation. These are all the puppies from the 2 litters last year. Click here.

ch. Paloma P. won another CAC CACIB in Belgium over a big competition in Hoogstraten, on feb. 13 under Georges Kostopoulos (GR).

SCOOP : THE NEW STAR AT MENUEL GALOPIN IS ALSO A NEW MOTHER : CHAMPION ODETTE DELIVERED 9 PUPPIES ON SUNDAY FEB.9... The sire of that litter is the young Sebastien. Serious inquiries on that very exciting litter are welcome. See the new picture of ch. Odette

the 2002 ranking is published : number 1 afghan 2002 is ch. Paloma P. du Menuel Galopin with 83 points number 2 afghan 2002 is ch. Odette du Menuel Galopin with 49 points (Odette has been shown only two months this year (4 shows and 4 big BOB wins!!!) number 3 afghan 2002 is ch. Licence to thrill de Tchekana with 45 points number 4 afghan 2002 is ch. Olaf du Menuel Galopin with 40 points number 5 afghan 2002 is ch. Mario Boss du Menuel Galopin with 35 points

Number 1 afghan kennel is Menuel Galopin with 364 points (number 8 all breeds), number 2 afghan kennel is Vallée de la Vézere with 96 points number 3 afhgan kennel is Hezaradhah with 51 points number 4 afghan kennel is Xenos with 37 points number 5 afghan kennel is Du Mont Saint Nicolas with 35 points.

After a long break from the ring, Ch. Nixon came back and won the CACIB, BOB and group 2nd in Niort under J. Medard Ringuet. Romance, litter sister to Reine Claude, won that day her second CACIB and BOS.

In Troyes (feb.2), Reine Claude won her second CACIB in a row under the judgments of J.J. Dupas.

On jan.12, in Genk (B) Ch. Mario Boss won another CAC (and is one CAC away from his belgium title) with the BOB and group 1st (judge U. Fischer).

First show this year : that was Bordeaux. The young Reine Claude won her first CACIB with BOB over 4 champions under Mrs Belletout-Cibot. What a good start for the year !

All the Menuel Galopin team wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2003...

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