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News 2002

The show year is over now. Ch. Paloma P. finishes as number one sighthound in France 2002 (vos chiens dec.2002). Congratulations to her and her owner-handler Marie Bouhours.

New pictures of the two european champions 2002 : Ch. Odette and Ch. Mario Boss.

Note the new Menuel Galopin adress since november 2002 : La Royère, F- 44440 Pannecé, and my new phone number : int + 33 (0)2 40 97 62 02

After a long break away from the show ring, Ch. Nicolas I finished two championships in one week end. On saturday nov 23, he became portuguese champion and the day after won his last CAC to become spanish champion. At both shows the young Reine claude won the CAC, the BOB and group 2nd !!!

In Rouen (nov.24), Ch. Odette won her third CAC CACIB BOB in a row which made her french champion in a record time. The judge was Laurent Pichard (Very vigie american cockers)'s first afghan assignment.

FANTASTIC RESULTS IN PARIS FOR THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP : Magnus Hagstedt (Sweden) awarded the bitches european title with the BOB to Ch. Odette and the male european title with BOS to Ch. Mario Boss, both from the open class !!! The reserve title went to Ch. Paloma P. (winner of the champion class)... Both Mario and Odette also got the required point to become french champion. Mario wins that prestigious title for the second time. Littermates Ch. Jean sans peur and Ch. Julia won the veteran classes.

pic. Odette (BOB) and Mario (BOS). Photo Camia

Int'l in Nantes : Ch. Parce Que finished his international title with the CACIB and BOB while the young Sophie Marie got her first CACIB and BOS over the champion class. The judge was Guy Mensancal.

For her first show in France, Ch. Odette won the CAC CACIB BOB and group 1st at the afghan specialty in Orleans under irish afghan specialist Mary Mulvaney.

oct. 9, new pictures of Ch. Odette, Ch. Nixon, Sophie-Marie, Ch. Julia, Reine Claude, Ch. Mario Boss and Soliano.

PUPPIES : The family is getting suddenly much bigger : ch. Marie France is the proud mum of 7 puppies sired by the very exciting ch. Exxos Guess my secret.

On sept 22, In Compiègne (judge A. Campagne), ch. Paloma P. won another CACIB-BOB and finished her international title. To become international champion, FCI requires 4 CACIBs with more than one year between the first and the last CACIB. Between sept.01 and sept 02, ch. Paloma P. won 18 CACIBs, almost always owner-handled. Need we say something more?

Second CACIB for Sebastian in a row : that was Pontoise under B. Barjot on sept. 15.

For his second show in open class, Sebastian won his first CACIB and BOB in Batalha (P).

ch. Paloma P. is the number one sighthound in France at the last "Vos chiens" ranking (to august). In the last three weeks, she won another specialty BOB (Chateau Gonthier under J.L. Lemouzy) and two more CACIBs (Evian under Mr Mensancal and Nevers under Mr Besson). Le Menuel Galopin is number one afghan kennel and Number two kennel all breeds in France!!!

In Luxembourg, under Ana Mesto (E), Reine Claude won the championship CAC. This was her third show ever.

PUPPIES : my dutch girl Serra Parecis don't forget to look delivered 9 puppies on august 28th : 6 males (3 golden and 3 b/t) and 3 bitches (1 golden and 2 b/t). Both mum and babies are fine.

MY BOOK ABOUT THE AFGHAN HOUND IS NOW PUBLISHED... For more information and a description, click here.

On august 15, new pictures of Sophie Marie and ch. Marie France

Serra Parecis don't forget to look has been breed to ch. Olaf ... There should be new Menuel Galopin puppies at the end of august...

in August, new pictures of ch. Parce que, ch. Odette and ch. Niagara.

Third show for ch. Exxos Guess my secret. This time in Liège (B), he was awarded the all breed RESERVE BIS... First he won the CAC CACIB (he finished his international title by the way) and BOB over a tough competition (13 afghan champions) while his cousin ch. Paloma P. won the bitch CAC CACIB and BOS (shown by Else Holmegaard) under judge Da Silva (P). Later he won the group 1st under Rita Van Mechelen and best dog on sunday under Rita Raitva (SF).

Second show for ch. Exxos Guess my secret in France : Brive int'l on july 14... and second ALL BREED BIS !!! The afghan judge was Dr Campagne who also gave the CACIB and BOS to Romance and the male CAC and reserve CACIB (after Guess my) to her litter brother Richard III.

in july, new pictures of Soliano, Sophie Marie, Regence and ch. Exxos Guess my secret.

Welcome for holidays in France to ch. Exxos Guess my secret (owner Steen Vonge and breeder Else Holmegaard). At his first show, after two days in France, he won the all breed BIS at the national show in Cambon !!! At that show, Sophie Marie won her first CAC (judge Mrs Belletout Cibot).

In Amsterdam, at the world dog show, ch. Mario Boss was awarded the reserve CACIB.

on the 16th of june, Soliano won his first CACIB at 15 months old (judge : JL. Brassat lapeyrierre). It was his first open class at int'l show...

In June, ch. Paloma P. won 3 new CACIBs in 3 week ends in a row (Specialy in Mantes under V. Vojtek, Tours under JL. Brassat Lapeyrierre and Maubeuge under E. Engh).

New pictures of ch. Orience, ch. Olaf, ch. Nathan, ch. Nefertiti, ch. Paloma P. and Sebastien.

At the two belgium specialties during the world congress (may 11 - 12), the black french "petite demoiselle" ch. Orience topped over 100 afghans (included 45 champions) and was awarded BOB both days. She went on BIS1 the first day and BIS3 the second day over 450 top european sighhounds.

Another CACIB for ch. Niagara in Saint Brieuc, on may 6 under Mr Mansencal. The same day, ch. Odette won her estonian CAC and CACIB. She is now estonian champion...

For his very first show in open class, Soliano won also his first CAC. That was in Evreux, on may 9 under G. Bredaut.

May 5 - 6, What a week end !!! In Amiens (F), ch. Olaf and ch. Paloma P. won both CACIBs under J.L. Grunheid. Olaf was BOB and group 2nd. In Denmark, ch. Orience won another CACIB and BOB while in Spain Niagara was awarded her last CACIB and finished her international title. At the other european side, ch. Odette won the polish CACIB in Lodz...

On april 28, Niagara won another group 1st in Chateauroux.

I added new pictures in april : ch. Parce que, ch. Nefertiti, ch. Olaf, Sherida, Sebastien and ch. Orience

Right after her swedish title, ch. Orience got her third danish CAC (in 3 shows in a row) and her danish championship at the specialty in Fuglebjerg (judge Steve Moon) on april 27. The day after, she is one more time best female for the second specialty In less than 3 months, she won her norvegian, swedish, danish and nordic titles, which is probably a kind of record...

ch. Orience in Scandinavia, chapter 4 : She is now a swedish champion after her CAC won under Espen Engh (N) on April 14.

In Limoges, under J. Brixhe, Niagara has won the CAC with BOB and group 1st.

ch. Orience in Scandinavia, chapter 3 : Big Brag : on friday 29, she wins her second danish CAC, with BOB and group 1st(judge Robert Whitney). On sunday 31, after 3 day show, she is awarded ALL BREED BIS (judge Theo Kjelstrom - USA).

New champion title to ch. Paloma P. : In Luxembourg (march 30), she won the CAC CACIB... and the luxembourg title (judge M.J. Audinot Lelong).

some news from Russia : ch. Mario Boss was shown twice in february. In moscow he won all breed BIS and at the Eurasia dog show, the CACIB BOB and group 1st. He is the first afghan ever to win the Russian Kinologist Federation (awarded at that show) title for the fourth time. Congratulations boy !

Angers (march 24): ch. Nathan won the CACIB, BOB and group 2nd for his second show this year and ch. Paloma P. the CACIB and BOS (judge Monedero from Spain).

At 7 y.o., and after 2 years break and a litter, ch. La Bardot came back for the afghan specialty in Montluçon (march 17)... and won the CACIB and BOB . Well done!!!

In Poitiers (march 10), Niagara won her 7th CACIB under J.J. Dupas.


The judge was Roberta Hall, from the famous Saxonmill kennel. This win is just a dream come true for any exhibitor, and i would like to thanks all the international crowd for their support...

shown here at the group competition.

A second succes in two weeks for ch. Orience. !!! At the Munkebo afghan specialty under V. Vojtek (sk) she won the CAC and Best female.

february 2002 : new pictures of ch. Olaf., Regence, Sophie-Marie and Sebastien.

ch. Orience. became a norvegian champion on feb. 24 with the CAC and CACIB in Bo (N.) under the expert handling of Else Holmegaard (Exxos Kennel in Denmark). Judge B. Wamberg.

ch. Paloma P. finishes her french title with the specialty CAC (also CACIB and BOB) in Bourg en Bresse under J.J. Dupas. The same day, Raïa. started her career at the tender age of 15 months old and won the reserve CAC in Granada (spanish champion title).

In Niort,under M.J. Audinot Lelong, ch. Olaf. wins another CACIB !!! Serra Parecis don't forget to look. won also the CACIB. Shown only 4 times ever, she has already her two french CACIBs !!!

In Troyes, ch. Paloma P. is one more time awarded CACIB and BOB (judge A. Campagne).

january 2002 : New pictures of ch. Olaf, ch. Parce Que and Solene.

Spéciale FALAPA in Arras (20 janvier) : ch. Olaf. wins the CACIB and BOB (judge Mr Simpson-GB), then, the group, the best of day and... the all breed BIS (judge F. Kane) !!! For that wonderfull victory, he was shown by Patryk Bukowczan.

in Vincennes (january 11), V.Vojtek (SK) gave the CAC CACIB and BOB to ch. Olaf, and the CACIB BOS to his 1/2 sister, ch. Paloma P..

Just arrived from Estonia on january 5th, ch. Olaf wins the next day the CACIB, BOB and 2nd in the group in Bordeaux (judge J.L. Brassat Lapeyrierre). ch. Olaf will stay a few months in France and will be at stud at the "Menuel Galopin".

Just over 2 years old, ch. Parce Que is NUMBER ONE AFGHAN IN FRANCE 2001. His litter sister ch. Paloma P. is number 3 afghan.

Le Menuel Galopin is number one afghan kennel for the 8th year in a row.

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