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2009 archives

December 21th

A photo of Ch. Capucine winning BOB in Brussels last week. Pictured with BOS Hilton du Jegdalek and judge R. Brandt (photo S. Van Den Heyden)

December 15th

Some photos (by R. Kadike Skadina) of Capucine in Brussels last sunday

December 14th

Super Ch. Capucine did it AGAIN ! In Brussels, she won the CAC CACIB Belgium winner 09, BOB, Group 1st and BIS3rd (3300 dogs). She also finished her international title at 27 month (youngest age to finish). R. Brandt (Dk) judged the breed and the group and L. De Ridder (B) judged the BIS. Her litter sister Castafiore went 2nd in open class.

Shown 5 times in champion class since August, she has won 4 Group 1st (two of them at major european event) and has been placed on the BIS line up each time !!!

December 9th

I am very late for some very important updates !!!

  • Last week end, the old king Ch. Olaf did it one more time : at the Liepaja show (Latvia), he won another BOB (9 afghans entered, included champions), first in the group X and RBIS !!! He also went veteran BOB and all breed veteran BIS... Thanks judges Rita Reyniers (B), Norman Deschuymere (B) and G.J.W.de Vries (NL)
  • One week before, Miss Ch. Capucine won the very competitive CACIB at the Winner show in Amsterdam, under J. Blanco (Spain), while her litter sister Castafiore ended 2nd in open class.
  • New picture of their brother Carré d'as who placed 2nd in a big post graduate class at the afghan specialty in England.

Photo Gill

November 22th

Yesterday was a very special day with two new Menuel Galopin champions :

  • North, the beautiful Charlotte became a new danish champion at the Nyborg club show under L. Ramsing (DK). That was her 3rd CAC, in only 4 shows.
  • South, EurJr ch. Clovis finished his croatian title at the Zagreb club show (also BOB and BIS5) under G. Bodegard (S).

Both are littermates to Ch. Capucine, just over 2 years old. Both dogs have always been owner handled to their titles. Congratulations to these wonderful people !

Today, at the int'l Alencon show, Ch. Soliano won the veteran BOB and later the veteran RBIS. Well done Michele for another beautiful performance.

November 11th

One more International champion title for a Polo daughter : Ester ( Ch. Xcitng Stare N' Whisper) gained her last CACIB in Herning last week end under O. Staunskjer, when her litter sister Julia (Ch. Xciting Feel Free To Stare) went BOB.

Congratulations Marie and Lennart for that great achievement.

Julia (All photos Carina Ekwall)





Yesterday, at the Nantes int'l show (3000 dogs), Ch. Capucine won the CACIB BOB (L. Dehaes - Belgium), the Group 1st (H. Anschober - Austria)... Close decision for the BIS (under F. Kane - UK ), between the afghan and the Eurasier dog... and the ultime win went to the beautiful winner of group V !

Pictured winning the group 1st...

October 20th

Some photos of Ch. Jarmo, Ch. Capucine and Clovis from the world show in Bratislava

All photos Lena and Kolya

October 18th

once upon a time, a 12 yo afghan won a All Breed BIS... This could be a fairy tale... But then today... the 12 yo Champion Olaf du Menuel Galopin won the very competitive ALL BREED BIS inTallinn after winning the veteran BIS. unbelievable ! Thanks to...... judges G. Nymann (DK), breed and group, and R. Reiyners (B) BIS.

At that point, I want to congratulate and thank Olaf owner, Galina Anton, for her care and devotion to her dog...

pictured with his handler Jurijs Geidons

October 17th

He is Ch. Polo 20th champion kid !!!! Ch. Nightwind O Pourquoi Pas finished his american champion title in a few shows. For his first champion class, he won the BIS at Austin Specialty under L. Wadworth (House of Orange)

October 12th

Back from the world show in Bratislava, that was so good to see all these friends that I see too rarely...

Show side, both Ch. Capucine and Ch. Jarmo placed 4th in their class. Jarmo's litter brother Ingenue Premier choix won both CACs at the world show and at the club show the following day... and became a new SK champion and POLO's 19th champion kid ! Well done Heli.

October 6th

Las sunday, in Avignon, Ch. Alycya won another CACIB BOS under C. Magre.

The same day, Ch. Vandale was awarded the BOB and group 3rd in Hasparren under M. Le Magnan.

September 21th

Jarmo Superstar !!!

Yesterday, at the Beauvais int'l show, Ch. Ingenue O Menuel Galopin won the ALL BREED BIS (judge JC Larive). From the intermediaire class, he was awarded the CAC CACIB BOB and Group first by judge B. Chapiro. Thanks to Ludovic Gerona for showing him in the breed competition on the morning.

Castafiore du Menuel Galopin won the CAC CACIB and BOS that day !

The BIS win

The group win

September 17th

Congratulations to Mandinah High expectations (Oscar), a Ch. Tancrede du Menuel Galopin son who finished his swedish and danish titles last week end. That's Tancrede 7th champion child !

September 16th

In Leipzig, last sunday, Ch. Thor du Menuel Galopin finished both his german and his VDH champion titles, under M.C. Delabelle. Congratulations to Janine Bernus, his owner-handler !!!

September 14th

Casta pictured 3rd in the group X

  • In Tallinn (Estonia), the wonderful veteran Ch. Olaf du Menuel Galopin took another BOB and Group 2nd win... almost 12 years old !!!

Olaf winning BOB, from the veteran class

Olaf winning 2nd in the group X

September 7th

Sorry to be so late to update the site, but... I am coming back with some great news :

  • Yesterday, in Luxemburg, my young Ingenue O Menuel Galopin won the CAC-RCACIB, which means that he finished his luxemburg title. Jarmo is only 18 months old (and shown only 5 times in his own life), which makes him probably the record holder of THE YOUNGEST CHAMPION IN EUROPE !!!
  • The day before, he took the CAC - CACIB in Macon under JL Grunheid. His girl friend Ch. Capucine du Menuel Galopin won also the CACIB and the BOB. She ended the day with the group 1st. We couldnt compete for the BIS, the following day.
  • That is Ch. Capucine du Menuel Galopin second Group 1st in a row : two weeks before, she won the BOB at the afghan specialty in Chateau Gontier (judge M.C. Delabelle), the Group 1st and BIS 3rd.
  • Yesterday in Italy, Ch. Alycya du Menuel Galopin gained her 4th italian CAC in Savona.
  • 3 weeks before, in Italy also, Clovis du Menuel Galopin won his first italian CAC BOB and group 2nd in Sacile (judge L. Nerilli)

August 9th

THE KING IS GONE. It is with a deep sadness that I have to announce the loss of my best friend for the last 10 years. POLO (ch. Parce Que du Menuel Galopin) died yesterday night. He was taken by an acute pulmonary oedema two days before, and didn’t survive the after-effects of that attack.

Polo has been a major actor of the European afghan History during the last decade. Therefore, I want to share the memory of that King with all the people that approached him, judged him, bred to him and just LOVED him. I am sure they understood how exceptional he was, and how fantastic temperament he had.

A big chapter of my afghan life ended yesterday. Good night my buddy.

August 5th

After two years rest, the Menuel Galopin whelping box is back to use ! Since one week, my dear Ch. Variance is the proud mother of 8 puppies. Their father is my young promising finish boy Ingenue O Menuel Galopin.

From Variance first litter came Ch. Capucine and her famous littermates... Jarmo is a Polo son... Which mean, that if you dont like the Menuel Galopin look, this litter is not for you !

July 26th

Just back from Liege in Belgium with some wonderful results :

  • Ch. Capucine won another CAC CACIB BOB (judge R. Kadike Skadina) and group 2nd (judge Rita Reyniers)
  • Ungaro won the open class and was awarded the RCAC RCACIB (after an int'l champion), and finished his INTERNATIONAL champion title, for his first show after a 2.5 years break ! He completed his 4 CACIB wins, shown only 6 times in his all life ! Ch. Ungaro is the 3rd international champion in that litter... of 3 puppies ! Congratulations to his owner Mireille Leroux for taking so good care of him !

Ungaro is the 25th Ch. Mario child to become a champion and he is the 13th champion kid for his mum Ch. Marie France...

July 13th

Another CAC CACIB win for Ch. Capucine, in Douai, yesterday under S. Stefik (sk).

Congratulations to the handsome Polo son, Neliapilan Hei Melennetään (Moses) that became a new finish and Latvian champion yesterday, winning the BOB (27 afghans) and GROUP 1st under judge Nicholas White. He has also the Finish winner 08, LV winner 09 and Est jr winner 08 titles to his credit... He is Polo's 17th champion kid !

July 11th

Some new beautiful pictures of Ch. Variance

photos J. Noble

July 6th

That was another AMAZING week end !

  • Luxemburg sighthound specialty : Ch. Capucine won the CAC from the intermediaire class, went BOS... and NEW LUXEMBURG champion (judge Z. Silva - P). In one week, she collected two champion titles... And she is not two years old !

All photos Isa

At that show, Jarmo was awarded also his first lux CAC (from the intermediaire class too)

The winner of the open class was the Polo daughter Nightwind Orleans, who became a champion with that victory. She is Polo's 16th champion child...

  • Clovis won another CAC CACIB BOB... and Group 2nd in Lendava (Slo) on saturday.
  • At Campbon, Ch. Voltaire was awarded the BOB (judge G. Bredaut). That was also Clara (Ch. Capucine sister) very first show ever : she won the CAC BOS. Out of 4 bitches in that litter, she is the 4th to be a CAC winner !
  • Big congratulations to Ch. Nightwind Orleans two litter brothers : On saturday N. On Stage won the CAC BOB at the german sighthound specialty in Homburg (judge U. Lennartz).

Their brother Paco made his debut in the USA : On friday he was WD BOW BOB and Group 4th. On saturday, he got WD BOW BOS and on sunday won WD BOW BOB and GROUP 1st !!! Well done Mimi.

June 29th

NEW FRENCH CHAMPION : Capucine finished her french champion title in a record time, winning the afghan specialty CAC at Chartres yesterday under C. Leneuf. Here is a photo of yesterday, under a 30° temperature :

photo M. Guillotin

At the same show, Ch. Soliano, went Best Veteran.

South, in Italy, Ch. Alycya was awarded another CAC CACIB BOB. That was in Rapallo, under M.T. Durando (I).

June 26th

Some new photos of Ace in England (photos Jan Fielder)

June 22nd

Some new photos of baby boy Jarmo, 16 months old (photos Julie Noble)

June 21th

Ch. Alycya won the CAC CACIB BOS in Torino (Italy) under Mr Brixhe (B).

June 14th

Yesterday was the most unbelievable day for my "C" litter...

At the french championship show in Paris (judge C. Vantu - R), Capucine was the Queen of the day : from the intermediaire class, she won the CAC, the CACIB and the BOB, beating 16 champions. Her litter brother C'est Moi(also in intermediaire class) was awarded the BOS with the CAC and CACIB... That show gives the required points to become a french champion.

Their mother Ch. Variance won the champion class

Their great-uncle Ch. Soliano went Veteran BOB and ended the day with a 3rd place in the all breed Veteran BIS competition !!! Soon to be some photos...

In Austria (Klagenfurt), brother Jr EUR Ch. Clovis, won his second CAC CACIB BOB in two weeks (19 afghans entered, included champions). He was placed 4th in the group. The judge was D. Javor (Cro). Photo :

In England, brother Carre d'as won RBOB and also won a stakes class, post graduate (15 in that class).

June 10th

Last week end, Charlotte won her first danish CAC at the Ranböldal sighthound specialty under T. Finney (Irl).

Here are the photos of Clovis winning his first CACIB last week end :

Photos C. Leleu

Congratulations to the NELIAPILAN team in Finland. In tallinn, on sunday 7/06, the titles have been won by :

  • CACIB : Ch. Neliapilan Hevillä Ei Hävitä (Polo son)
  • Est Junio Winner -09 and Junior CAC Neliapilan Outoa Taikaa (Polo daughter)
  • Est Junior Winner -09 and Junior CAC Neliapilan Bengalintiik (Trouble son)

In Helsinki (at the national specialty show -SAFA), NELIAPILAN ONNI OIKEIN (Polo son), won the junior class in front of 17 males !

June 8th

First show in 2 months, the junior european winner 2008 Clovis won his first CACIB BOS in Portoroz-Slov (entry 21 afghans) under S. Sinko, on june 7th. At the same place, he also took the CAC the day before under Zeljko Gajic.

Congratulations to new champion Enka del Ghyryo for becoming german champion in Hunstetten last saturday under A. Scholtz (D). Enka is Ch. Polo 15th champion child !

June 1st

One more time, kids of my kids did very well : yesterday was the german year show with 82 afghans entered :

  • Best bitch went to the Ch. Polo daughter, Ch. Esme del Ghyryo
  • CAC bitch went to another Ch. Polo daughter, Nightwind Orleans
  • RCAC bitch went to the Ch. Tancrede daughter, Farah del Ghyryo...

Not to forget the mothers of these beautiful girls... Congratulations of the owners and breeders involved !

May 26th

First show in intermediaire class for Ingenue O Menuel Galopin (Jarmo), just 15 months old : the young boy took the CAC CACIB BOB over champion classes, in Tours, under M. Finney (Irl)... The rest of the Menuel Galopin gang did also very well :

  • the veteran Ch. Soliano got the RCACIB and ended as veteran RBIS, all breeds...
  • Ch. Une was BOS witht the CACIB win !

Unformal photo of Jarmo last week in the garden (photo L. Hedström)

In Germany, Mister Keops (Ch. Tonnerre du Menuel Galopin) made a remarkable comeback in the rings, winning his last CAC (and became german champion), with the BOB and the SBIS. Here are the last photos of Keops :

Now, let me introduce you the very gorgeous Castafiore, litter sister to Capucine... soon to be in the rings...

At least, here are some very nice shots of Ch. Vandale, shown winning in Libourne last week.

May 19th

On may 17th, Ch. Vandale was awarded the BOB and Group 2nd in Libourne. The judge was P. Gallardo (Sp). Later in the day, in the champion finals, he ended with the Champion (all breeds) BIS win. Well done to the Breuilh family.

Congratulations sent to the far north, for their BOB to :

  • Neliapilan Hevillä Ei Hävitä (Polo son) that became a champion with his last CAC and BOB in Varkuaus (judge M. Tuominen - SF)
  • Ch. Mandinah Hopeless Whisper (Tancrede daughter) got another BOB and Group 3rd at Hassleholm (S) under A. Kappers. Her brother Rasmus won his second CAC and BOS that day too.

May 13th

What a week end !

In Toulouse, my young Capucine did hit the french show scene : she won another CAC CACIB BOB... This time, she added her first international Group 1st and ended as All breed Reserve BIS !!! Judges were M. Hagstedt (S) for the breed and the group and G. Mensancal (BIS). Her littermate C'est moi was awarded the dog CAC RCACIB (after an int.champion, so he can use it). That's his second CACIB win in two following shows. At least Jarmo, shown for his second time ever, got his second junior BOB.

See the pictures of the little princess

photo Hermitage d'éole Barzois

The same day, Ch. Thor won another impressive group 1st in Saarbrucken (D), after winning the CAC CACIB and BOB under L. Mach (Ch).

Congratulations to the Ch. Tancrede daughter Ch. Mandinah Hopeless Whisper for another BOS win at Skara under N. Molins.

May 3rd

Something I am very proud of...

In the last 3 weeks, some major shows have been won by the Ch. Polo children all over Europe :

  • two days ago, Enka del Ghyryo won the Europasieger 2009 title in Dortmund under R. Urlaub (D)
  • At the two major german landersieger titles, both Ch. Polo daughters won the BOB : Nightwind Orleans won the CAC and BOB in Volkmarsen on 18/04 under R. Reyniers (B) and Ch. Esme del Ghyryo won the BOB and BIS in Oberhausen on 25/04 under G. Von Lehn (D)
  • In Finland, on 25/04, the 1 yo Ch. Polo daugther, Neliapilan Outoa Taikaa won her first CAC at Vaasa int'l under W. Hubenthal.

Pictured is Nightwind Orleans at Volkmarsen (photo Nightwind)

Almost the same for Ch. Tancrede children !

  • Ch. Mandinah Hopeless Whisper won the BOB (Paul Stanton judging) and later Group 1st (judge J. Levaska) at Vasteras (S) (photo D. Svensson, Estelle on the right)
  • Figaro del Ghyryo won another belgium CAC in Genk (judge M. Van Den Brempt) on 26/04 and a german CAC - BOB in Dortmund on 2/05
  • His sister Farah del Ghyryo won the CAC in Dortmund on 2/05 too...

Then, it will be time for the Ch. Trouble children to show their beautiful qualities soon. Congratulations to the breeders D'Ab Del Shiraz in Belgium (Christine Marville) and Habib ul-lah in Germany (Renate Abel) for their very nice litters out of Ch. Trouble

May 2nd

Congratulations for Ch. Thor for finishing his portuguese title at Viana do Castello int'l show with the BOB, Group 1st and BIS3rd win !

Same day, Carré d'As ended 2nd in a very competitive junior class at Welks championship show under D. James.

April 13th

Another big win for Capucine yesterday : at the int'l show in Limoges, she won the CAC CACIB BOB from the intermediaire class over 4 champions. Her litter brother C'est moi entred the ring for the second time ever... and was awarded the CAC CACIB BOS over top champion class. The judge was R. Barenne.

C'est moi first pictures, one week ago...

The day before, Cantor made his first steps in a ring : that was in Maubeuge under M.C. Delabelle (B) and got the CAC BOS...

April 7th

Last week end, Capucine was awarded the RCAC at the FALAPA show (french national) from the intermediaire class (judge Brassat Lapeyriere). Ch. Alycya was 2nd in the open class. In the boys ring (judge Al. Weinraub), Ch. Voltaire was 4th in open and the brillant veteran Ch. Soliano won the veteran class.

Here are some new photos of Ch. Soliano, Ch. Alycya and Ch. Voltaire from the show :

March 30th

Marathon girl : that was Capucine last week end ! On saturday, she was in Luxemburg and was awarded the CAC from the intermediaire class under R. de Santiago (while her friend Ch. Ulrick was 3rd in a very competitive champion class of 12). On sunday she repeated the win in Angers with the CAC and the RCACIB under J. Larive.

Big congratulations to Nightwind Orleans (the Ch. Polo daughter for her CACIB BOS win in Luxembourg over all these beautiful champion bitches !

March 25th

Congratulations to the littermates Mandinah Horizon and Mandinah Hopeless whisper : they became champions last sunday at the big Malmo show. Their father, Ch. Tancrede is very proud of his swedish kids...

Photos KE Bolin.

Same day at Riga, Ch. Olaf) went veteran BIS 2 over a very big competition.

March 12th

Some very nice pictures of Variance at Crufts last week (photos T. Subertova):

March 9th

Congratulations to Ch. James Bond at Ersari Varius Avis, a Ch. Sophie Marie son (out of Ch. Grand Gambler Varius Avis, himself son of my Ch. Polo) for being number one afghan and number one sighthound in Poland 2008.


Carré d'As won the undergraduate dog class at Crufts !!! Well done Shirley and Sharon. His mum Ch. Variance went 5th in open class (20 entered-almost all champions). Congratulations for Masha and Doushman for their wonderful BOB win !

March 2nd

Valence int'l show yesterday : Ch. Ulrick won the dog CACIB and BOB. Ch. Alycya got the bitch CACIB and BOS. The judge was P. Derouet

March 1st

A few photos of Ch. Trouble, yesterday...

photos I. Robin

February 26th

Photo of Ch. Trouble finishing his german title last week end, with Martina handling him and the judge Mrs Wild :


Last week end, Clovis got his first slovenian CAC under A. Novak.

February 23rd

Ch. Trouble finished his german and VDH champion titles in Langerwisch on saturday under Mrs Wild (Ch). With very limited shown, Trouble has accumulated the incredible record of 15 champion titles. He is international, french, nordic, finish, swedish, norvegian, danish, russian, polish, estonian, latvian, luxembourg, austrian, german and VDH. He is back at my home after a long stay with Martina (Nightwind). Thank you so much Martina for your care and love for my dogs

Congratulations to Martina for her BOB win at Langerwisch on her young Polo daugther Nightwind Orleans !

In Friburg, Castafiore won the CAC under Jean Austin (USA).

Last week, the Ch. Trouble daugther , Best side of Life Habib ul-lah won the Jug cac and BOB at Reinberg (D).

The same day, at Glauchau (D), JAHZORN at ERSARI Varius Avis , son of Ch. Sophie Marie du M.G. and Ch. Varius Avis Grand Gambler ( himself, son of Ch. Polo ) was awarded the CAC and BOB under O. Grin (Rus) judgments...

February 16th

That was another very successful week end for our dogs and relatives !

  • In Tallinn, the 11 yo veteran Ch. Olaf went 2nd best male (over 20 afghans included many champions), vet BOB and Vet BIS2 (judges E. Clerc and G. Bodegard).
  • In Reinberg (D), Ch. Adele won the Rheinlandwinner title and went BOS under judge M. Munsterman (D). The Polo daugther Nightwind Orleans got the RCAC.
  • In Niort, Ch. Variance was awarded the CACIB BOS at the afghan specialty under B. Barjot.

February 9th

Ugo won the CAC CACIB BOB and Group 3rd in Bourges int'l yesterday. The judge was V. Nataletti (I). He gave the bitch CACIB to Ch. Une and the dog Reserve CACIB to the veteran Ch. Soliano. Congratulations to these dogs's owner-handlers...

Well done Martina : Her Polo daughter, Nightwind Orleans was shown for the first time (15 months old) and got... her FIRST CACIB !!! It was in Eindhoven two days ago. The judge was M. Heine (D).

January 23th

Some more photos of Capucine and Jarmo in Bordeaux last week end...

January 22th

New photos from Ch. Vandale and Ch. Une:

January 19th

Fantastic 2009 start in the show rings : At the Bordeaux Int'l (juge Roberto Posa - CH), Capucine won the CAC CACIB BOB and Group 2nd, from the intermediaire class, in front of several well known champions. Ch. Une, got the champion class and the reserve CACIB.

That was also Jarmo (Alias Ingenue Ô Menuel Galopin) first steps in a ring : he won the junior class, became BOS over several chamipons, Jr BOB, Jr Group winner and... JR BIS winner !!!

Capucine on the left,

Junior BIS for Jarmo.

Credits - Copyright © 2000-2006 Menuel Galopin - All rights reserved - Legal mentions