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World dog show 2006 in Poznan

Ch. Thor moving for his group 2nd win at the world show in Poznan...

Both world winners 2006 Ch. Thor du Menuel Galopin (BOB) and Ch. Janis Joplin Gandamak (BOS) and judges

Veteran BOB was Ch. Olaf du Menuel Galopin, handled by Jurijs Geidons

The 4 placements in champion class with 1st Ch. Thor du M.G., 2nd Ch. Parce Que du M.G., 3rd Ch. Xciting Extravagant Creation and 4th Ch. Flash Gordon Gandamak

World winner Ch. Thor and Vice world winner Ch. Parce Que with judge Martha Heine

Vice World winner Variance du M.G. with judge T. Jakkel

Ch. Olaf competing for the veteran BIS

Ch. Olaf competing for Veteran BIS

Last selection for group X

Ch. Thor

Ch. Thor, winning 2nd in the group

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